Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? - Scientists & Engineers on Sofas (and other furnishings)

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Why do we gesture? What role do simple hand movements play in some of the most fundamental aspects of language? Susan Goldin-Meadow has dedicated her career to asking, and answering, those big questions. Her eponymous lab at the University of Chicago studies gesture’s role in cognition, development and the acquisition of verbal language. Goldin-Meadow visited the National Science Foundation to discuss some of her most exciting work – examining how gesture can change the way we think....

Sleep yoga – state between relaxation and meditation

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Download from iTunes: Yoga nidra (sleep yoga) is the state of sleep with awareness that is executed in the asana (lying down) position. Achieving restful sleep is a primary aid in helping patients get through cancer treatment. For many, slowing down the mind at bedtime is difficult. Yoga nidra retains your system to reach states of deep relaxation after stressful periods. Smitha Mallaiah, mind/body intervention...

Молитва о получении. Системно-векторная психология Юрия Бурлана - svp

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Что такое молитва? Мы молимся только о себе. Мы не воспринимаем больше никого кроме себя. При этом, даже когда мы молимся сердцем, мы не очень понимаем, чего просим. И не можем элементарно получить даже то, что уже давно нам дано… Оригинал здесь

Community College Innovation Challenge

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The National Science Foundation announces its Community College Innovation Challenge. The contest challenges community college students to propose innovative STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) solutions to perplexing, real-world problems. Teams submitting top ideas receive professional coaching and cash prizes.

Evaluación de Aptitud Reproductiva del Toro

Parte I de una serie de videos referentes a la Evaluación de Aptitud Reproductiva del Toro.
Se describe el tema desde un punto de vista práctico.
Material útil para profesionales y estudiantes.

Harvard University researcher wants to fix faulty learning

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Susan Carey discusses her interest in studying abstract knowledge. Under a National Science Foundation-funded INSPIRE project, Harvard University psychologists Susan Carey and Deborah Zaitchik are studying how executive function influences the process of learning. Here, Carey discusses her interest in studying abstract knowledge. For more information visit: