Philippine Rice Genetic Resources: Assessment and Management of Diversity and Opportunities for Climate Change Adaptation

submitted by: UP Los Baños

Documentation on the special seminar on "Philippine Rice Genetic Resources: Assessment and Management of Diversity and Opportunities for Climate Change Adaptation" by Dr. Teresita H. Borromeo, Professor, Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture on March 5, 2013 at the CSC Lecture Hall, ASH Building, UPLB, College, Laguna.

MWV Episode 66 - Curtis Suttle: Marine Virology

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
In MicrobeWorld Video episode 66 Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Curtis Suttle, Professor of Earth & Ocean Sciences, Microbiology & Immunology, and Botany, and Associate Dean of Science University of British Columbia. Dr. Suttle is one of the World's leading marine virologists, and is among a small group of researchers that is credited with launching the field of marine virology. Dr. Maloy talks with Dr. Suttle about the incredible diversity of the ocean's microscopic inhabitants that...

Militarization of Education

submitted by: mmmorale

Spatial analysis of GIS maps to show correlations between schools and military recruitment in low-income areas of San Diego.

From Yesterday’s Novice Pre-Service Teachers to Tomorrow’s Educators

submitted by: chidang

Topic: Teacher Preparation Education
A Case Study of UCSD’s Masters in Education and Teaching Credential Program

Sex Differences in Math-Intensive Fields

submitted by: stevececi
Despite impressive employment gains in many fields of science, women remain underrepresented in fields requiring intensive use of mathematics. Here we discuss three potential explanations for women’s underrepresentation: (a) male–female mathematical and spatial ability gaps, (b) sex discrimination, and (c) sex differences in career preferences and lifestyle choices. Synthesizing findings from psychology, endocrinology, sociology, economics, and education leads to the conclusion that,...
Authors: Stephen Ceci, Wendy Williams

Increasing sweepotato in Central Luzon, Philippines through sustainable use

submitted by: UP Los Baños
Report on the project to increase sweetpotato diversity in Central Luzon, Philippines by introducing and evaluating on-station sweetpotato varieties and by identifying suitable varieties and channel these varieties for subsequent multiplication by planting material producers Dr. Teresita H. Borromeo Crop Science Cluster College of Agriculture University of the Philippines Los Baños

Anthropology and Parallelism : The Individual as a Universal

submitted by: hsrikm
It is difficult to define perspective within sets that are self belonging. For example in the study of mankind, anthropology, both men and their studies fall into the same category that contains the topic outline. This situation entails a universal quality of uniqueness, an instance of, to the topic of anthropology that almost may be viewed in parallel to the topic of nature as the set of unique particulars. Yet one might assent to the notion in the inclusive study of man, anthropology,...
Authors: Marvin Kirsh

Deconstructing Bilingual Education: Examination of the Impact of Proposition 227 on Student Testing Performance

submitted by: k3li
This study assesses whether bilingual education has had a positive or negative impact on ELL students' testing performance in the last eight years after Oceanside Unified School District's (OUSD) increased test scores deemed them a success story to do away with bilingual programs. Test scores of elementary ELL students from two school districts with strong opposite stances on bilingual education and two elementary schools with the largest percentage of ELL students within their districts...

Working Hypotheses to the Variation in Underrepresented Minority Enrollment Within the UC Campuses in the Last Ten Years

submitted by: jramirez

I propose three working hypotheses that try to answer why there exist a variation within the UC system in underrepresented minorities in the last ten years: Elitism, Cultural Reputation of Campus and Socioeconomic Contex of Campus