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Eli Kirsch
Masters Student
Los Angeles, California USA
Research Interests:
Evolution, Molecular Genetics, Theoretical Biology, Self Assembly, Biochemistry, Philosophy of Science
California State University Los Angeles
About hsrikm:
I hold a B.A. in the Natural Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in Biochemistry (CUNY 1986). My thesis work involved the measurement of deoxyuridine in the DNA various tissues of mice in order to determine if the spontaneous conversion of cytosine to uracil is a potential source of spontaneous mutation. I am interested in the concept of information in biological systems and nature, evolution, means of evolution, as a product of natural processes that are governed by the laws of nature. I am especially interested in the concept of DNA as a phenomenon unique in nature, unique to life alone and how (if?) this situation might be accomodated to exist within existing conceptual frameworks of nature and natural law.
I currently take courses in philosophy and anthropology at the California State University Los Angeles.
Publications in PubMed
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  2. Kirsh ME, Cutler RG, Hartman PE. Absence of deoxyuridine and 5-hydroxymethyldeoxyuridine in the DNA from three tissues of mice of various ages. Mechanisms of ageing and development 1986 35(1).
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ISBN-13: 978-3838367378
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History of Education and Employment
Graduate Student Department of Anthropology California State University Los Angeles 10/2006-present
Ph.D Biochemistry The City University of New York 1986
B.A. Natural Sciences The Johns Hopkins University 1972