The Hidden Cost of Immunization

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A video for Immunizers abotu pain associated with Immunization.

Vaccine expiry

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Tips for immunizers on dealing with expired vaccines

Surplus vaccine

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Tips for immunizers on how to deal with surplus vaccine

Cold chain breaks in the field - Part 3

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Video for immunizers regarding how to avoid cold chain breaks in the field.

Introduction to Biological Management Training

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BC Centre for Disease Control video on biological management training for health care workers.

Rabbit Models for Alzheimer's Disease

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Diana Woodruff-Pak (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) used cholesterol-fed rabbits as a model of AD for evaluation of currently available and potential anti-Alzheimer drugs. These animals developed typical Alzheimer pathology, including behavioral changes and deposition of ß-amyloid and even
tau. Galantamine and donepezil partially protected animals from Alzheimer symptomatology.