Cases of success with Auto-hemotherapy

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Cases of success with Auto-hemotherapy(AHT). - Acne, Skin wounds, Psoriasis, Scleroderma. European Scientific Magazine REFERÊNCIA publishes the Brazilian cientists' Study about auto-hemotherapy: Telma Geovanini and Manoel Mozart Corrêa Norberto. - Treatment of scleroderma autoimmune disease using autohemotherapy. A clinical study. The article is in: Referência Website:

Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo)

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Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo) Skin disease in Akita Inu dog cured with auto-hemotherapy(AHT). Akita Inu had a skin disease typical to these dogs, as they are from a cold region (Himalaya). These images prove to anyone who wants to see with their own eyes the effects of AHT. Telma Geovanini: Nursing Master Degree Auto-hemotherapy Researcher AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY HAS 98 TO 99% SUCCESS Dr. JORGE GONZÁLEZ RAMÍREZ Mexican Scientist - 3 PhDs Human and animal immune...

Cured from Crohn's disease with Auto-hemotherapy

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Cured from Crohn's disease with Auto-hemotherapy My name is Jose Luiz Dutra, I am now 77 years old and live in the city of Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil. Crohn's disease is considered incurable and is characterised by a bowel ulcer, great discomfort of the intestinal flow, weight loss and negative psychological effects. For over 10 years, I was suffering from this disease, taking traditional medicines, such as azulfim, mesacol, etc, without any improvement and having...


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SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES WHAT AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY IS ABLE TO DO! Autohemotherapy is an immunization with our own blood! Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura. Dr. Moura uses Autohemotherapy since 1943. What is Auto-hemotherapy? It is a simple technique, that by with drawing blood from the vein and the immediate application in the muscle, stimulates an increase in macrophages. The standard rate of macrophages is five per cent in the blood, and with therapy, the rate is increased to twenty-two...

Auto-hemotherapy by Dr. Luiz Moura

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Autohemotherapy: an immunization with our own blood Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura (Dr. Moura uses Autohemotherapy(AHT) since 1943) What is auto-hemotherapy? It is a simple technique where by drawing blood from a vein and injecting it into a muscle stimulates an increase of macrophages that are, let us say, the "municipal cleaning company" of the organism. The macrophages carry out a cleansing of everything. They eliminate bacterias, viruses and cancerous cells which are called...

Super Cloth - Partners Video Magazine

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Using nanotechnology, Cornell scientists created a fabric that can detect biohazards like E. coli and other pathogens. Super Cloth is a segment from Partners Video Magazine's latest episode, The Science of Small. To view the entire episode visit: