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360° Io moon animation
Oct 9, 2007

For more information see: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/

Volume Visualization of the Orion Nebula
Oct 8, 2007

View a visualization of the Orion Nebula created by the San Diego Supercomputer Center. For more information see:...

UCSD Organic Lab: Recrystallization
Oct 4, 2007

For further details about UCSD Professor Haim Weizman's organic lab and classes please visit:...

Sep 24, 2007

Crystal structure determination for IUMSC sample 07100 D. Mindiola, D. Adhikari, A. Fout, M. Pink Indiana...

Time Dilation - An Experiment With Mu-Mesons
Sep 14, 2007

TIME DILATION: an experiment with mu-mesons This classic film documents an experiment done in 1963 the results of...

Safe Hydrogel Padding: use in safe clothing
Sep 13, 2007

Polymer effect (Hydrogel particles inside PU melt matrix): The polymer coating will absorb and bind the excess of...

Earth's Destiny
Sep 12, 2007

A possible outlook for Planet Earth in a few billion years.What will happen to Planet Earth in a few billion years?

The Outer Planets
Sep 12, 2007

Professors Gary Flandro and Bruce Murray discuss turning a journey to the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and...

Strange Science: Superhuman Strength
Sep 12, 2007

A Discovery Channel series segment of the science behind the superhuman strength displayed by body-builders and...

Magellan's Venus
Sep 12, 2007

Images from NASA spacecraft, Magellan, reveal Venus' topography and geological features.Astronomers remember...