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Galaxy-Quasar Associations: Is the Big Bang Bung?
Feb 22, 2008

When we see a galaxy and a quasar near each other in the sky, it might be because they are really near each other, or...

Harmonic Cloud Patterns on Jupiter
Feb 20, 2008

Regularly spaced clouds appear in Jupiter's belts, sometimes white spots and sometimes swirling waves. A polar...

MSI-CIEC: Grids in Biology (Bioinformatics and Medicine)
Feb 15, 2008

Nicolas Schork presents "Grids in Biology (Bioinformatics and Medicine)" at The Minority-Serving Institutions...

MSI-CIEC: Computational Astrobiology
Feb 14, 2008

Kim Binsted presents "Computational Astrobiology" at The Minority-Serving Institutions Cyberinfrastructure Institute...

Litmus Test For Love (Live Comedy Show)
Jan 15, 2008

Two lonely chemists sing about their desire for a litmus test for love. Live comedy show performed at the American...

Hubblecast 01: Hubble sees 'Comet Galaxy' being ripped apart by galaxy cluster
Dec 13, 2007

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, in collaboration with several other ground- and space-based telescopes, has...

Magic Cup Demo
Dec 4, 2007

Push a styrofoam cup through a solid box (0:32 min).

NASA: STS-118 Launch
Dec 3, 2007

Endeavor heads toward the International Space Station with teacher-turned-astronaut Barbara Morgan aboard. For larger...

Two-photon excitation microscopy
Oct 17, 2007

Two-photon excitation microscopy as a tool for studying biological systems.

The Heliosphere
Oct 10, 2007

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