Science is Awesome -Stoichiometry and Gas Laws - WGHS

submitted by: roflchopter11

The combustion of a compressed propane and air mixture is used to demonstrate the power of science by propelling a hardened steel dart through many phone-books - and nearly thorough a 1/2" thick steel plate.

Audio: Intermezzo, First Suite in Eb for Military Band by Gustav Holst

Science in Everyday Life

submitted by: melprax

Science to the outside world is considered "boring." This video shows clips from real life, and how each science fundamental is used to create life.

heptagon standing wave

submitted by: kelemengabi

liquid infrasound stimulated

diagram of standing wave freq.-intensity

submitted by: kelemengabi

diagram of standing wave clasifiction by freq. and intensity

Emergent Universe - Suzi Tucker

submitted by: icamvid

Emergent Universe
A Virtual interactive Science Museum
Explore Science at

Bi-based Superconductors

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report of a UPLB Basic Research Program-funded study on the pilot fabrication of bismuth-based superconductors. The study was able to produce the following: (1) polycrystalline Bi-2212 using Partial Melting Technique, (2) Bi-2212 Film using Sedimentation Technique and (3) Bi-2212 Tape using Calendering Technique. Prof. Marvin U. Herrera CAS-Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics University of the Philippines Los Baños