Overview of the International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (I2CAM)

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Daniel Cox introduces ICAM, I2CAM.

Presented at PSSM Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Colloidal Dispersions

Photochemical switching between colloidal photonic crystals at the nematic-air interface

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Stanislav Chernyshuk, Institute of Physics Abstract: A direct observation of the photochemical switching between colloidal crystals with different lattice constants in a liquid-crystal emulsion is reported. Glycerol droplets introduced in a nematic liquid crystal form two-dimensional hexagonal colloidal crystal at the nematic-air interface with a lattice constant depending on the surface tension LCA. We dope an azobenzene derivative into the LC emulsion to modulate the colloidal structures...

Phase separations in mixtures of a liquid crystal and a colloidal particles

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Akihiko Matsuyama, Kyushu Institute of Technology Abstract: We present a mean field theory to describe phase separations in mixtures of a liquid crystal and a colloidal particle. By taking into account a nematic and a smectic A ordering of liquid crystals and a crystalline ordering of colloidal particles, we calculate the phase diagrams on the temperature-concentration plane. We predict various phase separations, such as a smectic A-crystal phase separation and a smectic A-nematic-crystal...

Colloidal nematostatics

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Victor Pergamenshchik, Institute of Physics Abstract: Colloids interact via the nematic director. As the interaction is of a long range, nematic colloids are much closer to electrostatic systems than to standard colloids in isotropic liquids. I will talk about an elastic "charge" and elastic mutipoles, about their interaction and strange properties, e.g., elastic charge is a vector, elastic dipole can be chiral... and more. Presented at PSSM Workshop on Liquid Crystals and Colloidal...

Simulation studies of spherical nanoparticles in mesogenic media

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Matt Glaser, University of Colorado at Boulder Abstract: We describe results from simulations of spherical nanoparticles in a nematogenic solvent consisting of soft spherocylinders. We find that nanoparticles remain well dispersed in the isotropic (low-density) phase of the solvent, but demix into a nanoparticle-poor nematic phase and a nanoparticle-rich isotropic phase at higher pressures. When the nanoparticle-spherocylinder interactions are modified to promote homeotropic anchoring, the...

Shape Controlled Colloidal Interactions in Anisotropic Fluids

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Clayton Lapointe, University of Colorado at Boulder Abstract: Colloidal particles suspended in nematic liquid crystals are known to exhibit highly directional interactions mediated by the elasticity of the liquid crystal. Using lithographically fabricated platelet colloids having equilateral polygonal shapes, we show that colloids with an even number of sides form elastic quadrupoles whereas those with an odd number of sides form elastic dipoles. These qualitatively different interactions...