To What Degree? What Science is Telling Us About Climate Change

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How do we know the climate is changing? How do we know what's causing it? Some of the world's leading climate scientists explore the science behind the headlines in this lively documentary.

Modeling Our Climate's Future

submitted by: UMiami_RSMAS

UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science professor Amy Clement discusses how scientists use models to forecast future climate change.

MICW - Introduction to Metagenomics at the DOE JGI: Nikos Kyrpides

submitted by: JGI

After a quick introduction by DOE JGI Director Eddy Rubin, DOE JGI's Nikos Kyrpides delivers the opening remarks at the Metagenomics Informatics Challenges Workshop held at the DOE JGI on October 12-13, 2011.

Estimating the ecological impact of the invasive lionfish, Pterois volitans, in the Western Caribbean Sea (Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras) through gut content analysis

submitted by: Astrid_Mejia

Mejia Martinez AY (Bay Islands Conservation Association, Honduras) ? Puncher GN (Roatan Marine Park, Honduras) ? Erzini K (Center of Marine Sciences, Portugal) ? Gonçalves JMS (Center of Marine Sciences, Portugal)

Predicted levels of future ocean acidification and temperature rise could alter community structure and biodiversity in marine benthic communities

submitted by: R_Hale
 A mesocosm experiment was conducted to quantify the effects of pH and temperature on an intact marine invertebrate community. Standardised communities from the low intertidal zone were exposed to one of eight nominal treatments (four pH × two temperature levels). After 60 days exposure communities showed significant changes in structure and diversity. At higher pH levels elevated temperature treatments contained higher species abundances and diversity than the lower temperature treatments.