Science Nation - Sea Turtles

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"Turtle Positioning System" helps reptiles on fantastic voyage "There's no off-the-shelf Speedo turtle bathing suit that we know about," laughed biologist Ken Lohmann, as he attached a soft cloth harness, or bathing suit, to a three-month-old loggerhead turtle. For more information and more Science Nation, go to

Aquariums Relieve Stress for Cancer Patients

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has 63 aquariums in waiting areas throughout its campus, three of them being saltwater fish. Employees at MD Anderson share their stories about the calming affects the aquariums have on its cancer patients, care givers, visitors and employees.

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Gulsen Ucarkus

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New Insights Into The Relationship Between Fault Segmentation And Earthquake Rupture: The North Anatolian Fault, Turkey Gulsen Ucarkus Post-doctoral Researcher Scripps Institution of Oceanography -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strike-slip faults are often segmented by step-overs resulting in a variety of deformation styles such as constraining bends, releasing bends and rotational deformation. These step-overs or discontinuities...

New Study Links Dust to Increased Glacier Melting, Ocean Productivity

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University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science-led study shows a link between large dust storms on Iceland and glacial melting. The dust is both accelerating glacial melting and contributing important nutrients to the surrounding North Atlantic Ocean. The results provide new insights on the role of dust in climate change and high-latitude ocean ecosystems. UM Rosenstiel School Professor Joseph M. Prospero and colleagues Joanna E. Bullard and Richard Hodgkins...

Water Quality Sampling with George Hampson

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Veteran marine biologist George Hampson demonstrates water quality sampling in West Falmouth Harbor, Cape Cod. Hampson shows proper techniques for sample collection, oxygen titration, secci disk turbidity testing, and sample handling.

Video was produced for Pondwatchers by Woods Hole Group, Inc.

Opportunities and Challenges of Offshore Wind Energy

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Offshore wind power can contribute extensively to a clean, robust, and diversified U.S. energy portfolio. Capturing the Nation's large and inexhaustible offshore wind resource has the potential to mitigate climate change, improve the environment, increase energy security, and stimulate the U.S. economy. This seminar provides a broad understanding of the global offshore wind industry today and the associated technology challenges, economics, permitting procedures, and potential risks and...