Parkinson WG

submitted by: deveshcp

These are fruit flies model for Parkinson disease. They had improved locomotor dysfunction when they are fed on a plant diet. For more info

Parkinson CTL

submitted by: deveshcp

These are Parkinson fruit flies with locomotrr dysfunction. For more info

BindingDB: Find my compound's targets

submitted by: gnicpro

This tutorial describes how to discover potentially new targets that may bind your compounds of interest in BindingDB. This unique capability is based on the principle that similar compounds tend to bind the same proteins.

Video Tip of the Week – The Cell: An Image Library

submitted by: OpenHelix
For more information about this resource, se our post at URL . For my video tip this week I decided to check out the images available from "The Cell: an Image Library", which is brought to you by the The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). The library contains thousands of images, time series and groups of images, videos and animations of cells in a variety of organisms.

Whole number and spacial distribution of the POU4f family of transcription factors in the adult rat retina

Quantification, distribution and coexpresion of the tree members of POU4F transcription factors in retinal ganglion cells in albino and pigmented rat retinas.

BindingDB: Get all data from an article

submitted by: gnicpro

This tutorial describes the method of retrieving a binding information from an article of interest in BindingDB.