Coagulation Pathway

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How to study the coagulation cascade

Donate Your Time Mentoring Children for Careers in the Medical Field

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Mentors talk about their experiences working with students and introducing them to careers in the medical field through the Health Adventures at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. During this field trip to MD Anderson's Rehabilitation Services center, the children experience first-hand the challenges patients face, and the role that doctors, nurses and other staff play in caring for people. When students leave the program, they leave with a desire to learn, excel in school...

Parkinson WG

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These are fruit flies model for Parkinson disease. They had improved locomotor dysfunction when they are fed on a plant diet. For more info

Parkinson CTL

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These are Parkinson fruit flies with locomotrr dysfunction. For more info

BindingDB: Find my compound's targets

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This tutorial describes how to discover potentially new targets that may bind your compounds of interest in BindingDB. This unique capability is based on the principle that similar compounds tend to bind the same proteins.

Video Tip of the Week – The Cell: An Image Library

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For more information about this resource, se our post at URL . For my video tip this week I decided to check out the images available from "The Cell: an Image Library", which is brought to you by the The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB). The library contains thousands of images, time series and groups of images, videos and animations of cells in a variety of organisms.