Evolution at the Surface of Euclid:Elements of a Long Infinity in Motion Along Space

submitted by: hsrikm
Abstract: It is modernly debated whether application of the free will has potential to cause harm to nature. Power possessed to the discourse, sensory/perceptual, physical influences on life experience by the slow moving machinery of change is a viral element in the problems of civilization; failed resolution of historical paradox involving mind and matter is a recurring source of problems. Reference is taken from the writing of Euclid in which a oneness of nature as an indivisible point...

Where the Shape of the Egg Comes From?

submitted by: hsrikm
The shape of the egg is postulated to be the consequence of opposing forces relative to the location of perspective of points that define the spaces of its' contents. For example, net velocities of motion of light emitted in two planes plus the velocity of motion of its' source would be expected to be decreased in the case when the direction of the light beam is opposed to the direction of motion to cause the blunt edge and increased when it aligns with the direction of motion of its'...

Relativistic Phase Displacement Space Drive - Warping Space Time with Phased Standing Waves

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

It is a brief explanation about a relativistic space propulsion system which uses a lattice/matrix of Phase Displacement Space Drives, producing crisscrossing pattern of Phased Standing Waves, to generate a sequence of spinning waves for causing a FTL moving force, in order to warp spacetime, enabling fast interstellar travel in an energy-efficient way.

Magnetic Survey

submitted by: SirZerp
This video is made as a primer for EM101 students and is showing the fields of different magnet configurations. It was made using the Magnetic Coulomb's law to compute a cube of data. The dataset is then sent to a ray tracer which produces the images in the video. The background colors show the potential energy contours of different pole configurations. The colors red green blue are used in an alternating sequence for adjacent contours; highlighting the structure of the magnetic fields....

Plug-and-Play Macroscopes

submitted by: cfrend
DECISION MAKING IN science, industry, and politics, as well as in daily life, requires that we make sense of data sets representing the structure and dynamics of complex systems. Analysis, navigation, and management of these continuously evolving data sets require a new kind of data-analysis and visualization tool we call a macroscope (from the Greek macros, or “great,” and skopein, or “to observe”) inspired by deRosnay’s futurist science writings. Just as the microscope made it...
Authors: Katy Borner

NMR for Protein Structural Determination and Dynamics, part 2; Magnetoglobus Multicellularis: magnetic organism, part 1

submitted by: icamvid

Presented at the I2CAM/FAPERJ Spring School, 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ana Paula Valente (0:00)
Henrique Lines de Barros (32:00)