A Live Wire : Machismo of a Distant Surface

submitted by: hsrikm

Presented is evidence for the supposition of the existence of an unknown process of an unknown surface postulated to effect simultaneously cognition in the elaboration of concepts, and physical details of a pathology. A more relative cosmology, absent of numerical/mathematical constants is elaborated to show that the results of science method can be subjective.

Querying the Genome

submitted by: ucsd_idash

Presented by Vineet Bafna

The Fourteen Lattices of Auguste Bravais

submitted by: SirZerp

This video is made as a primer for Condensed Matter students and is showing the potential energy fields of different Bravais Lattices.

It was made using the Coulomb's law to compute a cube of data. The dataset is then sent to a ray tracer which produces the images in the video. The background colors show the potential energy contours of different charge configurations. The colors red green blue are used in an alternating sequence for adjacent contours.


submitted by: nsf
Einstein's Messengers is an Award-winning 20-minute documentary on LIGO, NSF's Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory. The video examines how LIGO is spearheading the completely new field of gravitational wave astronomy and opening a whole new window on the universe. It explains how LIGO's exquisitely sensitive instruments may ultimately take us farther back in time than we've ever been, catching, perhaps, the first murmurs of the universe in formation. Above all, Einstein's...

Relative Primitives

submitted by: SirZerp
This video was made to test out a relativistic version of Direct Coulomb Summation and is intended to be displaying fields of different moving charge configurations. Coulomb’s Law is well defined and also that inverse square fields propagate at the speed of light is well known. Hence why not put both into the same equation. In general, the video uses Coulomb's law to compute an observational cube of data. The dataset is then sent to a ray tracer which produces the images in the...

Phase-shift Plasma Turbine - Interplanetary Spaceflight

submitted by: MFerreiraJr
The Phase-shift Turbine consists of a set of concentric coils, axially rotated from each other, and feed by phased RF sources, producing radial and longitudinal sequences, which results in helical moving force, ionizing intake gas/particle/ion, generating continuous unidirectional thrust. It was designed in order to operate in atmospheric environments, mainly during takeoff, and in space to reuse exhaust gases from chemical rockets to booster the overall ISP, enhancing utilization of both...