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Wenche Borgnakke
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Research Interests:
oral-systemic associations; dental public health; periodontitis; diabetes
1. Taylor GW, Nyquist LV, Borgnakke WS, Woolfolk MW. Effects of race and ethnicity on oral health-related quality of life. In: Inglehart MR, Bagramian RA. Oral health-related quality of life. Carol Stream, IL: Quintessence; 2002: 123-37.

2. Taylor GW, Borgnakke WS. Treatment of established complications: periodontal disease. Ch 18. In: Herman WH, Kinmouth AL, Wareham NJ, Williams R, eds. The evidence base for diabetes care. 2nd ed. Singapore: John Wiley & Sons; 2010: 291-316.

3. Taylor GW, Borgnakke WS, Graves DT. Ch. 6. Association between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus. In: Genco RJ, Williams RC, eds. Periodontal disease and overall health: a clinician’s guide. Yardley, PA: Professional Audience Communication; 2010: 83-104. Available for free download at:
History of Education and Employment
1) PhD (Oral Epidemiology; Copenhagen); MPH (Dental Public Health; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan); DDS (Dentistry; Copenhagen); 2) Senior Research Associate and Adjunct Professor at University School of Dentistry since 1993.