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Nov 4, 2009
Cheminfo Retrieval Fifth Class FA09

The fifth Chemical Information Retrieval class at Drexel University on October 22, 2009 started out with covering the...

Oct 19, 2009
Cheminfo Retrieval Fourth Class FA09

This is a recording of the fourth class on Chemical Information Retrieval on Oct 15, 2009 at Drexel University. It...

Oct 14, 2009
NERM 09: Leveraging Transparency and Crowdsourcing in Chemistry Using Open...

Jean-Claude Bradley presents on October 9, 2009 at the Northeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society...

Oct 6, 2009
Cheminfo Retrieval Second Class FA09

This is a recording of the second class on Chemical Information Retrieval on Oct 1, 2009 at Drexel University. The...

Oct 5, 2009
Bradley Lab Research Fall 09 MiniSymposium

Jean-Claude Bradley presents a 15 minute overview of the research in his laboratory as part of the Drexel Chemistry...

Sep 25, 2009
Chemical Information Retrieval class 1 FA09

Jean-Claude Bradley introduces Chemical Information Retrieval (CHEM 367 and CHEM 767) at Drexel University with an...

Aug 20, 2009
Using social networking tools a la carte for organic chemistry education:...

Jean-Claude Bradley describes the use of social networking tools to teach undergraduate organic chemistry. Public...

Aug 18, 2009
The Spectral Game: Learning spectroscopy using open data

Jean-Claude Bradley presents on the Spectral Game at the American Chemical Society meeting in Washington, DC on...

Aug 17, 2009
Crowdsourcing Solubility using Open Notebook Science

Jean-Claude Bradley presents at the American Chemical Society on August 16, 2009. The talk starts with highlighting...

Apr 16, 2009
NASA Open Notebook Science Talk April 09

Jean-Claude Bradley discusses Open Notebook Science on April 15, 2009 at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This...

Dec 3, 2008
iSchool Open Notebook Science Talk

This talk covers Open Notebook Science from an information technology perspective. It was presented by Jean-Claude...

Mar 27, 2008
Cheminformatics in Open Notebook Science

Jean-Claude Bradley guest lectures on Rajarshi Guha's cheminformatics course at Indiana University. After an...

Jan 21, 2008
Public Scientific Data Talk at NC Science Blogging Conference

Xan Gregg provides examples of studies where the absence of access to raw data has profound implications.

Jan 20, 2008
Open Notebook Science talk at 2008 NC Science Blogging Conference

An overview of the role of blogging in the dissemination of primary research data in the UsefulChem project....