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Sep 12, 2007
The Outer Planets

Professors Gary Flandro and Bruce Murray discuss turning a journey to the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and...

Sep 12, 2007
Space Week: Space Station and Beyond, Part 2

An overview of the advantages of explorations of the planet Mars, and the commitment it entails.A Mars mission will...

Sep 12, 2007
Strange Science: Superhuman Strength

A Discovery Channel series segment of the science behind the superhuman strength displayed by body-builders and...

Sep 12, 2007
Strange Science: Space Weather

A simulation of what big solar storms have the potential to do to life on Earth if they occurred.Solar storms have...

Sep 12, 2007
Early Life

Stephen Mojzsis, a geologist at the University of Colorado, searches for the earliest life forms on the planet by...

Sep 12, 2007
How it's Made: Bread

The origin of bread and how it is made: from mixing the ingredients to shipping it out for consumption.Looks at the...

Sep 12, 2007
Space Week: Mars Underground, Part 2

A discussion on the advantages of exploring Mars, the Marcian environment, the scientific development brought about...

Sep 12, 2007
How it's Made: Toothpicks

The process of turning raw wood into toothpics.From birch logs to the handy tool that helps you clean your teeth.