Recreation Finance

submitted by: machristensen23

My report studies the financing of recreation improvements and examines the differences in financing between wealthy and poor neighborhoods.

Policies to Promote the Community Use of Schools: A Review of State Recreational User Statutes

submitted by: spengler
Context: Concern over liability is a barrier to allowing community use of school property for the purpose of engaging in active sport and recreational activities. Recreational user statutes have the potential to limit liability for public schools when use occurs outside of regular school hours, reduce the fear of liability among school administrators, and increase opportunities for access to school facilities for recreation and physical activity by community members. The purpose of this...
Authors: John Spengler, Michael Carroll

San Diego River Park and Its Efforts to Improve the Water Quality of the San Diego River

submitted by: BopGun86

By working with the San Diego River Park Foundation, I have done some research on the San Diego River to evaluate the extent that the river's water quality can be cleaned up to respectable levels. Right now, the River Park Foundation is in the process of making a fifty two mile long green belt along the river: in order for this to be come a reality, issues of water quality and cleanliness are a must.