LC2CAM Panel Discussion on Careers

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A panel of scientists discusses career paths at the LC2CAM 2008 conference.

Magnetoglobus Multicellularis: magnetic organism, part 2

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Presented at the I2CAM/FAPERJ Spring School, 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Henrique Lines de Barros (0:00)

Science Digest Episode 4 - Particle Guy

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Quirky Science Digest Host Mathew Arden interviews Particle Physicist Dr. Geoffrey Yale.

Galileo Players latest episode of Science
Digest features Galileo founder and Second City's own Matt Hovde and Second City alumnus John Hildreth. Enjoy!

Science behind Roller Coaster

submitted by: superman
My topic is about exploring the science behind the Roller Coasters. I had a toy kit with plasic parts which I used to build a roller coaster. It took me all night and the morning to finish it. But when it was done, it was cool and fun to play with. My friends loved it. This work I did building the plastic roller coaster, made me wonder how the real ones worked. I was also at Cedarpoint in June. I kept thinking how much fun science and technology provide to us. Part of my reason for me to...

SPHP: Professor Andrew Alleyne, Mechanical Science & Engineering

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Feedback is a fundamental concept in Natural and Engineered systems. Not only is it fundamental, it is pervasive. From the smallest scales inside cells to the largest scales of geo-spatial weather patterns; it keeps natural systems in balance and prevents any one aspect of a natural system from becoming problematic. Feedback also governs systems developed by humans. In engineered systems it is also pervasive. It provides the ability to continuously balance tradeoffs between competing...