This is what Gravity looks like !

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Gravity is "absolutely" pushing you down onto the earth.

Mathematically proven on WowGoHere . c o m

Must See !

Sandra Bullock is the "new" . . . . . GALILEO ! (must see)

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Sandra Bullock's new film G R A V I T Y is helping the world to see that Gravity is absolutely a "Pushing" force !

Must See;

LIGHT absolutely does NOT exist.

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Light is only the electromagnetic waves of HEAT that hit our retinas and what only our BRAINS then define as Light.

Biggest Physics Breakthrough of this Century !

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Einstein's Answer Finally Unveiled !

Einstein's Answer Finally Unveiled Giant Discovery

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The very connection between GRAVITY and ELECTRICITY.

Murpha Seminar

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Changes in Scholarly Communication

Science Nation - Silver Saver

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Conservation scientist Glen Gates at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is working on new ways to protect museum-quality silver from the ravages of time. Fine silverware and silver pieces on display at museums are exposed to air and tarnish just like our silver at home. Every time someone polishes the silver, even under the careful supervision of conservation experts, a little bit of the silver wears away. Gates and colleague, Physics professor Ray Phaneuf at the University of Maryland, are...

Huge Scientific Breakthrough

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Einstein's Answer Finally Unveiled.

SloMo Science - Laser Ballons

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What makes a red thing red? I bet you have a guess. Now put it to the test when we shine a high-powered laser on a red balloon. Does it pop? Does a red object absorb red light? Does it reflect red light? Does it do something different?
See the results in this science video that will challenge your expectations of science videos. This video gets you involved by asking you to make predictions and then, after you see the results, helps you to sort out your thinking.

LC2CAM Panel Discussion on Careers

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A panel of scientists discusses career paths at the LC2CAM 2008 conference.