Module I - Section 2

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Pharmacogenomic Nomenclature

Module I - Section 1

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Translating Pharmacogenomic Into Practice

PharmGenEd™ Principles and Concepts of Pharmacogenomics

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The presentation is divided into several sections as outlined by the powerpoint slide. In this module we will include the basic concepts of pharmacogenomics, ethical, legal, social issues, and a brief introduction of the PharmGenEd program.

PharmGenEd: Clinical Application of Pharmacogenomics

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We will review the use of pharmacogenomic tests in five therapeutic areas. Infectious disease Oncology Anticoagulation Psychiatry Neurology Within each therapeutic area, we will include the following: The gene or allele of interest The functional effect of the gene or allele The prevalence of the relevant alleles in various populations The available genomic tests A summary of the most significant clinical data available to date, regarding Drug dosing and selection Drug efficacy...

Pharmacogenomics Education Program Introduction

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PharmGenEd™: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice. This video provides a brief introduction about the CDC-funded pharmacogenomics education program, PharmGenEd(TM). The PharmGenEd faculty team at UCSD explains the different components about the program and the importance of learning pharmacogenomics information
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The Importance of Teaching Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy and Medical Schools

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Pharmacogenomics relates to how genes control expression and structure of drug targets. Understanding pharmacogenomics and drug action are essential prerequisites for fulling mastering the concepts of this emerging discipline. Case examples of pharmacogenomic concepts is provided by Dr. Taylor.

Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers for Prediction of Severe Adverse Drug Reactions

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Dr. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg presents his recent paper on "Pharmacogenomic biomarkers for prediction of "severe adverse drug reactions" published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Feb 2008.

Niclas Tue Hansen Pharmacogenomics

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A visiting graduate student at Stanford University explains his research with Professor Russ Altman.