Studies of the Effects of Shear on Colloidal Aggregation and Gelation using Small Angle Light Scattering

submitted by: icamvid

Tahereh Mokhtari gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about the application of shear to enhance aggregation and gelation and to yield hybrid superaggregates.

Liquid Crystals: Optical Properties and Light Driven Effects

submitted by: icamvid

Satyendra Kumar gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about living and manmade photonics systems and liquid crystals in organic photovoltaics.

Light induced Structural Color Change and Dynamics of Isotropic Smectic Blue Phase

submitted by: icamvid

Jun Yamamoto gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about liquid crystalline order and laser induced structural change of SmBP.

Using Spatial Light Modulators for generation and control of multiple nondiffracting beams

submitted by: icamvid

T. Cizmar gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about spatial spectrum modulation experimental realization, and applications of spatial light modulators.

A New Electro-Optic Waveguide Architecture and the Unprecedented Devices It Enables

submitted by: icamvid

Scott Davis gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about a new and potent method to satisfy the long-standing need to actively control light.

3D Modulated Optical Crystals as Computer-Generated Volume Holograms

submitted by: icamvid

Rafael Piestun gives a talk at LC2CAM conference about 3-D light-fields and optical functions, the 3-D optical elements of space, frequency, and polarization, and experimental methods and application.

Liquid Crystal Networks Controlled by Light

submitted by: icamvid

Dirk Broer gives a talk about optics, mechanics, and complex patterning of liquid crystal networks.

The Foundations of Light

submitted by: cloudmichael
The Foundations of Light Photons are often described pictorially as travelling E/B wave pairs. But, they also annihilate into light fermion matter/anti-matter pairs. The travelling E/B wave pair description is an undeniable consequence of Maxwell's equations, and matter/anti-matter pair annihilation is equally irrefutable. So, what is the picture, and what is going on, here ? That light fermions and their interactions have been well described as S sub R matrix instances,...

Ed Boyden: Optically Engineering the Brain to Augment Its Function

submitted by: Singularity_Institute

Ed Boyden from the MIT Media Lab on exciting new optics-based brain-computer interfacing techniques. Uploaded by Singularity Institute Media Director Michael Anissimov.

Nucleomistry Lecture 14

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

An introduction to frequency, wavelength, and energy in light. This video makes analogies to tennis, Darth Vader, and aliens.