Turbulence experimental intro I

submitted by: icamvid

Boulder Summer School 2011, hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics

Pattern Formation

submitted by: icamvid

This is one of the Boulder Summer School 2011 lecture videos.
The lecturer is Professor Laurette Tuckerman from ESPCI.
You can find the lecture notes on the BSS2011 website under the link of "Lecture Notes":

Electrospun Nanofibre - Free Floating Chaos

submitted by: arkore
Electrospinning is a method of using high voltage electric fields to transform polymer solutions into nanofibre. The process involves applying high voltage (~10 kV) to a droplet of solution at the end of a capillary (which is visible on the left in the video). The surface charge on the droplet distorts the shape from that adopted by surface tension into what is known as the Taylor cone. From the tip of this cone a jet is ejected in response to the electric stresses on the fluid at that...

Freestream Behavior of Water in Microgravity by Timothy Harvard

submitted by: CharlesTu

EUReKA 2009: Freestream Behavior of Water in Microgravity