Chemistry Dry ice

submitted by: enigmadan

Dry ice video showing the powerof dry ice

Bubbles Floating on Carbon Dioxide

submitted by: Don Mackay

Carbon dioxide is denser than air and so bubbles (filled with air) will float in an acquarium filled with CO2.

Soda Erruption with Dry Ice

submitted by: Don Mackay

Add a piece of dry ice to a 2 liter bottle of soda and stand back.

Electronic Product Development Experiment

submitted by: cylian

An electronic solar system product development experiment using bi-color LED.


submitted by: Alejandro Stern

A demonstration of the effects of Aphasia, the loss of the ability to comprehend and interpret language correctly, due to brain damage or injury.

Ten Simple Rules for Getting Published

submitted by: Phil
he student council ( ) of the International Society for Computational Biology asked me to present my thoughts on getting published in the field of computational biology at the Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology conference held in Detroit in late June of 2005. Close to 200 bright young souls (and a few not so young) crammed into a small room for what proved to be a wonderful interchange among a group of whom approximately one-half had yet to publish their first...
Authors: Philip e Bourne