Electrostatic Fusion Machine - Clean and Safe Atomic Energy

submitted by: MFerreiraJr

It is a succinct explanation how electrostatic acceleration can be wisely used to achieve a net energy gain from fusion reactions. Wisdom instead of brute force to harness the fusion energy efficiently in order to produce an enormous quantity of clean and safe electric power with no radioactive waste.

Monumental Electrical Discovery re: Einstein and Gravity.

submitted by: EinsteinGravitydotcom

A monumental unveiling of Electricity and Gravity that gives us one of the biggest breakthroughs in Electricity since Maxwell and Faraday.

Using Renewable Hybrid Power Systems to Meet Off-Grid Community and Commercial Energy Needs

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Diesel generators are the traditional means by which people generate electricity in remote locations. Throughout the world, there are many thousands of off-grid communities, industrial sites, and government facilities relying entirely on diesel generated electricity. At $4/gallon, the fuel component alone of diesel-generated electricity is high, about $0.30/kWh. Some remote locations pay over $8/gallon or $0.60/kWh. With diesel fuel prices projected to rise even higher in the long...


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Electromagnetic radiation (ER) is a form of energy, and it acts like a wave as it moves at the speed of light--it’s how energy from the sun reaches Earth. ER is classified by frequency—how many times the wave oscillates in a given amount of time.

Can Renewables Provide Big Energy in America's Electric Future?

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Renewable energy sources currently provide about only about 10% of the nation’s electricity, with most of that coming from large hydro sources. Renewable energy sources are scattered around the country, with much of the best wind and solar resources located in remote locations. These sources also may have a big footprint compared to conventional sources. Finally, solar and wind are often described as intermittent due to their variable and uncertain output. As a consequence, it is often...

Feasibility Of Predominant Wind And Solar Energy Over The 48 United States

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It is widely believed that wind and solar power are too variable in time to supply a large percentage of energy needs. This perception is based on wind and solar energy production over small domains, but is it true for a large domain? A study was conducted to determine the resource availability of wind and solar energy over the 48 US states. A meteorological assimilation model was used to estimate hourly wind and solar resources for three years – 2006 through 2008. Geographic data were...

Rough Edit for Content Review: Magnets and Magnetism

submitted by: KidsJudgePartnership
Video Rough Edit for Content Review: Attention Magnetic Mentors! Please view this footage from the Kids Judge! LA exhibit on magnetism in order to prepare for your upcoming events with fourth and fifth graders at Carver Elementary. There were a variety of activities presented at this exhibit; each activity was designed to help kids understand specific scientific concepts. All of the activities were compelling and fun but they are also valuable because they stimulate curiosity about what we...

Urban Power USA

submitted by: Garajan

Presentation about an innovative, low cost wind turbine using alternative aerodynamic principles to create electricity in urban, ocean, and other low or high wind environments.

Magnetilux Edison Lightbulb Rejuvination concept WCI-Energy WCI-Electronics

submitted by: AmpleLight
The invention consists of two parts, the first part is a your typical edison style lightbulb base modified witha digital transformer that has various smart features such as bluetooth communication, and power management. The connecting terminals are completed by magnetism and conductivity. The lightbulb apparatus itself is fully recycleable, and provides a higher efficiency light output by utilizing the latest solidstate technology, which provide's a longer lamp life, and wider range of...

Bill Berner's Electricity+Magnetism Demo show

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Part 1A (of four parts). University of Pennsylvania, 2007.