Science Gateways: Progress Using the Clarens Toolkit on TeraGrid
Oct 24, 2007

Originally posted by SDSC on SDSC's CI Channel at: www.cichannel.org By Dr. Julian Bunn, TeraGrid 2007

GridFTP Pipelining
Oct 17, 2007

Professor John Bresnahan discusses "GridFTP Pipelineing" at the TeraGrid 07 Conference. For further information...

CyberOutreach: Designing Science for Non-expert Audiences
Oct 15, 2007

Originally posted by SDSC on SDSC's CI Channel at: www.cichannel.org Professor Donna J. Cox discusses...

UCSD Organic Lab: Recrystallization
Oct 4, 2007

For further details about UCSD Professor Haim Weizman's organic lab and classes please visit:...

Earthquake Simulations
Aug 30, 2007

Kim Bak Olsen, Associate Professor Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University, California...

Facilitating Scientific Discovery
Aug 30, 2007

Amit Majumdar talks about how various scientists in many different fields of study collaborate with computer...

Geoscience in Cyberinfrastructure
Aug 30, 2007

(This is) a discussion of cyberinfrastructure in Geoscience and how it empowers global collaboration among...

SDSC is Data Centric
Aug 30, 2007

Fran Berman discusses SDSC's data centric focus and their three key leadership areas.: data-oriented high performance...

Drug Discovery: African Sleeping Sickness
Aug 30, 2007

Rommie Amaro, Computational and Theoretical Biophysical Chemist, discusses how she uses the resources at SDSC to...