Gene Screen BC 2010's videos (10)

Superbug, Be Gone
Aug 16, 2010

A short documentary about a new strategy of combatting antibiotic resistance.

Invitation - Re-upload
Aug 16, 2010

A quick tour through the field of genomics, from simple to complex - an algal cell dividing, lyonization in a cat,...

sequence me
Aug 15, 2010

Set in the future when sequencing technology is readily available to the public, this short film follows the journey...

Making a Baby
Aug 15, 2010

A couple is having difficulty conceiving a child. They visit a fertility clinic...

Epigenetic Landscapes
Aug 15, 2010

Conrad, a scientist at the University of Calgary, travels from Calgary to Vancouver to see his identical twin brother...

A Brief Introduction to Genetics
Aug 15, 2010

A Brief Introduction to Genetics is a short documentary film created using motion graphics as the main visual...

Genetic Contribution To Variation In Cognitive Function In Twins
Aug 13, 2010

Genetic Contribution To Variation In Cognitive Function In Twins As Assessed With Functional MR Imaging. This video...

Fighting for Family
Jul 29, 2010

Fighting for Family was produced with the aim of creating awareness in the many aspects of hereditary breast and...

Mito-Kids: Documenting Life
Jul 27, 2010

Mito-Kids is the story of four teenage sisters who have grown up with disabilities that stem from mitochondrial...

Progress and Promise in Huntington's
Jul 14, 2010

Huntington's disease (HD) is a genetic neurodegenerative disorder that typically strikes in a person's thirties and...