Institution 2009's videos (19)

Tree of Life
Apr 28, 2009

Explore the evolutionary links between living things with the Wellcome Trust's Tree of Life, developed as part of our...

Pioneering New Frontiers in Tumor Angiogenesis
Apr 23, 2009

Amgen would like to invite healthcare professionals to visit, where the science of...

The Interview
Apr 14, 2009

As the only member of the new Hybrid class of multi-mode microplate readers, Synergy 4 is sure to impress the lab...

Plant biotech for food and environment
Apr 14, 2009

A better knowledge ot the processes in plants can lead to plants that are better suited for food and environment.

Biotech for Health
Apr 14, 2009

Fundamental biomedical research leads to hope against 'incurable' diseases, like ALS, cancer and Chron's

Apr 14, 2009

Research at VIB comes closer to a solution for ALS

E-Cell simulation environment 3D: 3D visualization of cell simulation
Apr 13, 2009

E-Cell Simulation Environment 3D allows 3D visualization of cell simulation experiments for systems biology studies,...

An Iconography of Contagion - MWV24
Dec 15, 2008

In this episode of MicrobeWorld Video we visit the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., for the opening...

Modern Transportation and Infectious Disease – MWV15
Apr 1, 2008

From your local bus route to international air travel, infectious diseases can spread across the globe in a matter of...