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Hi Andrew,

It could be that the server is getting hit pretty hard with uploads at the moment because of everyone using it and synching their videos and posters. Just let it go for now, it might be lying about the time. Are you using a wireless or ethernet connection?




I am sorry about that. Can you send me the pptx to my email at ?


I think you're right.

I'm using my wireless connection from my apt. It has never been known to be the fastest, as it is. It's about half way through now and fluctuates from as low as 59 min. to 113 min. I'm sure it'll be in by the deadline.

What steps remain after the upload has finished?





After you upload the video you need to describe it, upload the poster, and then add synchronization points to your postercast. There is a tutorial that appears. At any rate it should only take about 5-15 mins for working on everything else after the video uploads.

If something goes wrong, let me know.


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HI Ryland,

I fixed your postercast manually because there appeared to be a few other issues it had with the file.

It should better now, but you may want to double check the synch points since we had to delete and re add them.

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thank you very much for all your help. i will double check it when i get to a computer


Hi Apryl,

I can't seem to re-format my poster at 2400 pixels. Can you please help me? My poster was created using Adobe Illustrator, not powerpoint. Below is an attachment of my poster in a PDF file.


Phuong Huynh

Attachment: Phuong USP Poster.pdf (8.79 MB)
Always download from people you trust and scan the downloaded file with your antivirus.

No problem Ryland. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Phuong, could you send your ai? Not sure if you did that before, but I can't see it anywhere...

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Sorry Phuong, I meant the ai file. You may need to send it to: if it is a large file.

If for some reason you cannot send it, try to export your file out of Illustrator as a jpeg and then send it in email.

The pdf you posted is too small and I cannot up size it.

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