MWV Episode 74 - David Bhella - Electron-cryomicroscopy

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Dr. David Bhella studies the structural components of viruses using the techniques of electron-cryomicroscopy and image analysis. In addition to his research, David participates with the Glasgow Science Centre in public outreach to help teach students the processes behind his science. Due to his work, David received the 2013 Peter Wildy Prize for Microbiology Education. David's acceptance speech detailed his work with students as well as the stunning images he has produced through his...

An Introduction to Liquid Crystals

submitted by: icamvid

An Introduction to Liquid Crystals by Dr. John Goodby and Dr. Stephen Cowling, University of York

Feature Based Terrain Modeling

submitted by: apryl

Author: Ali Charara, PhD Candidate
Supervisor: Alyn Rockwood, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Assisted by: Eduard Wisernig, Mousumi Pain

Volume Visualization and Compositing on Large Scale Displays Using Handheld Touchscreen Interaction

submitted by: apryl

KAUST graduate student, Cristhopper Armenta Gastelum, describes his research.

"Visualization of a Stampede: On Rendering Vertex Buffer Objects with CGLX" by Madhu Srinivasan

submitted by: apryl

Dr. Madhu Srinivasan discussing his visualization of a stampede. KAUST sonification engineers have developed and will continue working on an audio project that utilizes this type of media.

Audio Switcher Functionality at KAUST Visualization Laboratory

submitted by: apryl
This is a short clip intended for use at the NIME 2011 convention in a presentation by Zachary Seldess. Zachary Seldess demonstrates the Audio Switcher Functionality in Showcase at KAUST Visualization Laboratory. The demonstration includes: 1) An integrated bi-directional network and MIDI communication using Behringer BCF2000 MIDI Controller with Mrmr iPhone App 2) Sonnotile, sound annotation and sonification for tiled-display walls Sound system development by Zach Seldess, KAUST and...