Vision and Challenges

submitted by: Hasan

This video presents the history of Grid development, an overview of the European Union Akogrimo research project, its visions and challenges in the development of a Next Generation Grid.

Genome Variation Server Introduction

submitted by: OpenHelix

This is an introduction to the Genome Variation Server at the University of Washington sponsored by GVS. You can get more freely available training materials on GVS including a longer introductory tutorial (40 minutes), slides, handouts and exercises at OpenHelix GVS Tutorial or visit the resource at GVS

Preservation of adaptive plasticity across scales of biological organization: from molecules to societies

submitted by: akourakine

This webcast outlines why and how adaptive plasticity is maintained at each and every scale of biological organization

JANE Apps - FSF running at UMA

submitted by: sebastian

FSF is a wireless ad-hoc network application developed with JANE for searching and sharing files in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs). For more information, please visit: CARLINK

Orientation to SDSC and CIEG program

submitted by: SDSC

Anke Kamrath introduces the Cyberinfrastructure Experiences for Graduate Students Spring Orientation Workshop in 2007. For more information see:

StarCAVE: A Virtual Environment

linked profile(s): jschulze
submitted by: apryl

Dr. Jürgen P. Schulze discusses "StarCAVE: A Virtual Environment."