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Alfia Wallace
Marin County, California
Research Interests:
Science, language and technology education for K-12 and the lay public.
About MarinScienceSeminar:
I'm a computer tech/educator at a public school who founded and runs the Marin Science Seminar for teenagers. The Science Seminar is a one-hour lecture/presentation with a question and answer period targeted at high school students in the San Rafael High School district, but open to all interested Marin teenagers and their families. Seminar speakers are scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicians and computer programmers with a relevant degree and public speaking experience. The topics presented are in a specific area of the speaker’s expertise, and tailored to the motivated teenage audience. We are always looking for qualified speakers interested in presenting to this audience. If you are interested, please visit our website (below) and click on the Speakers link. Thank you.

I also teach after school GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) classes on language, technology and science-related topics.

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