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Mar 3, 2014
Cultures Magazine Launch Event - MWV84

Watch highlights from the Cultures Magazine Launch Event held on January 23, 2014 at American Society for...

Nov 22, 2013
MWV #81 - Sheldon Campbell - The Singing Microbiologist

Sheldon Campbell sings about microbiology. Dr. Campbell teaches microbiology at Yale School of Medicine and he uses...

Oct 23, 2013
MWV Episode 80 - Harald zur Hausen - Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Vincent Racaniello speaks with Professor Harald zur Hausen, recipient of the 2013 Society for General Microbiology...

Aug 26, 2013
MWV Episode 76 - Jeffrey Almond - Vaccine Development

Dr. Jeffrey Almond began his career as an academic virologist studying influenza. Eventually Jeffrey started his own...

Aug 9, 2013
David Bhella: The Peter Wildy Award Talk (MWV75)

David Bhella, Ph.D., MRC Centre for Virus Research, accepts the Peter Wildy Prize for Microbiology Education, awarded...

Jul 19, 2013
MWV Episode 74 - David Bhella - Electron-cryomicroscopy

Dr. David Bhella studies the structural components of viruses using the techniques of electron-cryomicroscopy and...

Jun 6, 2013
MWV Episode 72 - Jonathan Eisen - Evolvability, the Built Environment and...

Jonathan Eisen is an evolutionary biologist, currently working at University of California, Davis and is the academic...

Apr 17, 2013
Richard Cogdell - Bacterial Photosynthesis (MWV 069)

Richard Cogdell is the Director of the Institute for Molecular Cell and Systems Biology at the University of...

Mar 7, 2013
MWV Episode 68 - Threading the NEIDL: TWiV Goes Inside a BSL-4

Constructed in 2009 in the highly populated South End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, the National Emerging...

Jan 16, 2013
MWV Episode 66 - Curtis Suttle: Marine Virology

In MicrobeWorld Video episode 66 Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Curtis Suttle, Professor of Earth & Ocean Sciences,...

Nov 26, 2012
Natalie Prystajecky: Norovirus (MWV65)

In episode 65 of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Natalie Prystajecky Ph.D., Environmental Public Health...

Sep 5, 2012
Anne Tanner: Microbes of the Mouth (MWV64)

In episode 64 of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Anne Tanner Ph.D., BDS, MDCH (Hon.), Associate...

Aug 6, 2012
Forest Rohwer: Microbes of the ocean, coral reefs and the human lung (MWV63)

In episode 63 of MicrobeWorld Video, Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Forest Rohwer Ph.D., Professor of Biology, San Diego...

Jun 11, 2012
Richard Lenski: Evolution in a Flask (MWV61)

In episode 61 of MicrobeWorld Video, filmed at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in...