Theoretical investigations of effective interactions in colloidal suspensions

submitted by: icamvid
Pavel Bryk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Abstract: Effective interactions between macroparticles play a key role in predicting the stability of colloidal suspensions. The bare interactions between macroparticles are attractive at larger separations due to the dispersion forces between the atoms forming the colloidal particles. In order to prevent aggregation the colloidal suspension must be stabilized either by charge or sterically. Technical developments during last two decades made...

Using The Metaphysics Of Quality To Define Design Science

submitted by: bartneck
Design has evolved from a craft into an academic discipline, but it still falls short on defining its own science. I review previous approaches to Design Science and conclude that the subject–object dualism is the one of the main obstacles. I then apply the Metaphysics of Quality to overcome the dualism and propose Quality as the phenomenon of Design Science. Next, I propose to utilize the analysis of interaction effects as a mean to investigate Quality. Last, I recommend steps we can take...

Foundations for Bayesian Updating

submitted by: dougramsey
We provide a simple characterization of updating rules that can be rationalized as Bayesian. Namely, we consider a general setting in which an agent observes finite sequences of signals and reports probabilistic predictions on the underlying state of the world. We study when such predictions are consistent with Bayesian updating, i.e., when does there exist some theory about the signal generation process that would be consistent with the agent behaving as a Bayesian updater. We show that the...

Nash Bargaining Via Flexible Budget Markets

submitted by: dougramsey
In his seminal 1950 paper, John NashIn his seminal 1950 paper, John Nash defined the bargaining game; the ensuing theory of bargaining lies at the heart of game theory. In this work, we initiate an algorithmic study of Nash bargaining games. For a certain class of Nash bargaining games, we show that they can be transformed into a market (in a new variant of a traditional market model from mathematical economics). We then extend techniques developed in theoretical computer science over the...

We Are Drowning in Multimedia Data. Hurray!

submitted by: dougramsey

Tutorial by Malcolm Slaney about "We Are Drowning in Multimedia Data. Hurray!"

Visual Recognition: Why, How, When

submitted by: dougramsey

Tutorial by Pietro Perona about "Visual Recognition: Why, How, When"

Signal Processing for Integrative Bioinformatics

submitted by: dougramsey

Tutorial by Alfred Hero about "Signal Processing for Integrative Bioinformatics"

A Short Introduction to Compressed Sensing

submitted by: dougramsey

Tutorial by Emmanuel Candes about "A Short Introduction to Compressed Sensing"

Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme by Shannon

submitted by: dougramsey

Keynote by Martin Vetterli about "Sparse Sampling: Variations on a Theme by Shannon"

Non-regenerative Relaying in Mesh Networks

submitted by: dougramsey

Talk by Oren Somekh about "Non-regenerative Relaying in Mesh Networks"