The Leveraged Freedom Chair: a developing country wheelchair

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The purpose of the Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC) project is to create a mobility aid specifically for developing countries. Conventional western-styled wheelchairs are nearly impossible to propel on the sandy roads and muddy walking paths frequently encountered in the developing world. The LFC has a variable mechanical advantage lever drivetrain that enables its user to travel 10-20% faster on tarmac than a conventional wheelchair, and off road like no other mobility aid available. The user...

Carlink Celtic Event Video

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Celtic Event video presentation about CARLINK PROJECT. The main purpose is to develop an intelligent wireless traffic service platform between cars supported by wireless technologies (VANETs).
Author - Jamal Toutouh -
Jamal Toutouh


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This video presents Session Initiation Protocol and its usage in the Next Generation Grid to support user-, device- and session-mobility for accessing web services.

MDVO Concept

submitted by: Hasan

This video presents the concept of a mobile dynamic virtual organization (MDVO) in the framework of Next Generation Grid and its application to scenarios and business models.