Transfected Lysate (Denatured)

submitted by: abnova

Abnova - Transfected lysate is useful as a positive control in Western Blot. The full-length protein construct is expressed in HEK293T cells and prepared as ready-to-use, denatured lysate in 1x Sample Buffer. For more videos, visit Abnova!

The Evolution of Beta Amyloid Cleaving Enzyme (BACE1): an Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Target

submitted by: cdsouthan
Plaque formation in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is seeded by excision products of Amyloid precursor protein (APP) generated by the combined activities of beta and gamma secretases. To reduce the production of these neurotoxic peptides the inhibition of beta-secretase (Beta-site APP Cleaving Enzyme, BACE1, Swiss-Prot P56817) is being intensively pursued as a possible therapy for AD and all drug candidates are screened for selectivity against the paralogue (BACE2, Swiss-Prot Q9Y5Z0) which...

Drosophila neurotrophins reveal a common mechanism for nervous system formation

submitted by: Alicia Hidalgo
Neurotrophic interactions occur in Drosophila, but to date no neurotrophic factor had been found. Neurotrophins are the main vertebrate secreted signalling molecules that link nervous system structure and function: they regulate neuronal survival, targeting, synaptic plasticity, memory and cognition. Here we have identified a neurotrophic factor in flies, Drosophila Neurotrophin (DNT1), structurally related to all known neurotrophins and highly conserved in insects. By investigating with...
Authors: Bangfu Zhu, Jenny a. Pennack, Peter Mcquilton, Manuel g. Forero, Kenji Mizuguchi, Ben Sutcliffe, Chun-jing Gu, Janine c. Fenton, Alicia Hidalgo