Vision-Based Hand-Gesture Applications

submitted by: jpwachs
The use of hand gesture interfaces to control computer games, robots, medical visualization devices and crisis management systems allows an expressive, natural and intuitive way of interaction. However, in order to successfully implement hand gesture systems for diverse everyday environments, significant technical and usability challenges must be overcome. Such systems should have; fast response times, high recognition accuracy, ease of learning and a high degree of user satisfaction. These...
Authors: Yael Edan, Helman Stern, Mathias Kölsch, Juan Wachs

Sunscreen prevention of melanoma in man and mouse

submitted by: hlpklug


Authors: Glenn Merlino, Edward c De fabo, Margaret a Tucker, Heather lp Klug, Thomas r Fears, Miriam r Anver, Frances p Noonan, Cari Graff-cherry, Janet a Tooze