Insights On Electronic Energy Transfer In Organic Materials From Single Molecule Spectro-electrochemistry And Other Single Molecules

submitted by: icamvid
John Grey gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about the migration of singlet exitons by electronic energy transfer (quasi-chromophores).

Electronic, Optical, and Thermal Transport Properties of GaN Nanowires

submitted by: icamvid
A. A. Talin gives a talk at the ICAMET 07 conference about nanowire growth, electrical transport, photoluminescence leading to growth and thermal transport.

Strong Electronic Correlation in Porphrins and Chlorophylls

submitted by: icamvid
Jeffrey Reimers gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about aromatic spectroscopy, porphyrins and chlorophylls, density functional theory, and exciton coupling in PS-I.

The Melenins: Electronic Structure of Monomers

submitted by: icamvid
Ben Powell gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about the properties of melenins and what it implies about their structure.

Excitons and Electronic Couplings in Photosynthetic System

submitted by: icamvid
Minhaeng Cho gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about electronic coupling applied to FMO complex and Chi-proteins.

Towards a Comprehensive Model for the Electronic and Vibrational Structure of the Creutz-Taube Ion

submitted by: icamvid
Jeffrey Reimers gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about classical solvent dynamics, dicrete-mode spectral density, and quantum dynamics to understand spectator vibrations.

Takagi: Advanced Materials 2

submitted by: icamvid
Hidenori Takagi talks about orbital ordering, charge ordering, exotic phases produced by frustration, and finaly movement towards correlated electronics. He descusses specific compounds related to each topic.

Graphene and Mobile Ions: The Key to All-Plastic, Solution-Processed Light-Emitting Devices

submitted by: NateRobinson
The emerging field of “organic” or “plastic” electronics has brought low-voltage, ultrathin, and energy-efficient lighting and displays to market as organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions and displays in cameras and mobile phones. Despite using carbon-based materials as the light-emitting layer, previous efficient organic electronic light-emitting devices have required at least one metal electrode. Here, we utilize chemically derived graphene for the transparent cathode in...
Authors: Ludvig Edman, Manish Chhowalla, Goki Eda, Hisato Yamaguchi, Piotr Matyba, Nathaniel d. Robinson

Oz BODYCON - I Want U feat. Hanna Great

submitted by: BODYCON
First single by Oz BODYCON & Hanna Great

Magnetilux Edison Lightbulb Rejuvination concept WCI-Energy WCI-Electronics

submitted by: AmpleLight
The invention consists of two parts, the first part is a your typical edison style lightbulb base modified witha digital transformer that has various smart features such as bluetooth communication, and power management. The connecting terminals are completed by magnetism and conductivity. The lightbulb apparatus itself is fully recycleable, and provides a higher efficiency light output by utilizing the latest solidstate technology, which provide's a longer lamp life, and wider range of...