How Coolsculpting Affect the Body?

March 16, 2018

Stubborn fat is named such for a reason: regardless of how much diet and exercise you do, it just seems impossible to lose it. Now, you’re left with two options—live with them or have them surgically removed. Well, neither of the two is cool for us.

Coolsculpting is the newest non-surgical way to get rid of those annoying bulges of fat. This new technology cools unwanted fats to the point of death. Unlike other methods of fat reduction, coolsculpting Singapore involves no any form of incision and surgery; and therefore induces no downtime. Patients can immediately go back to their work and normal activities right after the procedure has concluded.

It’s safe, FDA-approved, and effective. The outcome looks natural and can be seen as early as three weeks following the treatment, with the most drastic results after three months.

What areas of the body respond best to coolsculpting?

Stubborn fat in the upper arms, inner thighs, love handles, tummy area, bra area, and back are target for this non-invasive procedure. In fact, any area with loose fat cells responds well to the treatment. And unlike other weight loss procedures, results from coolsculpting are permanent. Once fat cells are destroyed and eliminated from the body, they’re gone for good. So whether or not you weigh less after the treatment, you’ll look thinner and feel lighter.

What happens to the fat cells?

During the coolsculpting treatment in Singapore , exposure to cool temperature causes fat cell apoptosis, leading to the release of inflammatory mediators. Inflammatory cells slowly destroy the targeted fat cells in the weeks and months following the procedure. Lipids from the dead fat cells are transported by the lymphatic system for them to be processed and released out of the body.

Are there pre-existing health conditions that can affect the treatment?

Some patients reported that they feel neuropathy (sense of numbness and tingling sensation) in the abdomen area following the procedure, though most cases have subsided after a few days. There are varied causes of neuropathy, and these could include extremely cold temperature. However, if you have pre-existing medical condition and you have concerns about how the treatment may affect your health, talk to your surgeon before going through the procedure.

Is coolsculpting suitable for diabetic?

Since this is a non-surgical procedure that doesn’t involve anaesthesia and medications, it’s safe to say that coolsculpting Singapore is safe for diabetics. Because there’s no need for incisions, there’s no wound and no risk of infection or slow and poor healing. You may experience increased numbness in treated areas, but most diabetic patients have reported that they have not experienced any discomfort or side effects at all.

Is the treatment safe to have after giving birth?

Pregnant women are not qualified for coolsculpting, but the treatment is effective and safe after giving birth to help fix post-pregnancy belly bump, and won’t affect the next pregnancy in any way. However, doctors suggest waiting for three months after pregnancy before getting a coolsculpting procedure done.

What are the common effects after the treatment?

Coolsculpting is completely non-invasive, allowing patients to return almost immediately to their normal activities after the treatment. However, redness on the treated area(s) may be experienced, which lasts up to a few hours. Some bruising and swelling can also take place, which should clear after one to two weeks. Many Singapore patients have also experienced localized dulling sensation, lasting between two and eight weeks.

What to do to get best results after the treatment?

Eat healthily and exercise regularly. Doing morning walks help the lymphatic system, while drinking plenty of water aids the body in flushing out wastes and dead fat cells. Follow your doctor’s instructions as well, and make sure to disclose complete medical history including the medications you’re currently taking.

Is it better than liposuction?

In one word: No. But it’s definitely worth trying considering that it doesn’t need surgery and extensive downtime, and it’s far less expensive than liposuction. Moreover, it is an ideal option for those individuals who are close to their ideal weight and only want small amount of excess fat removed. However, for those aiming for significant results, liposuction offers more drastic slimming effect than coolsculpting.

Is it safe?

Coolsculpting is safe as approved by the FDA, and the process of cooling only affects the targeted cells, leaving adjacent tissues intact and unharmed. Coolsculpting Singapore isn’t only safe, but convenient for patients. The procedure allows patients to lie comfortably, while reading, listening to music, working on their laptops, or even taking a nap as the treatment takes place. Uncommonly though, a small percentage of patients may experience slight pain related to the procedure, which should subside in a few days and have no long-term side effects.

Is it right for me?

As mentioned, the best candidates are those who are near their ideal body weight, who maintains healthy diet, and have stubborn fats that do not respond to a healthy lifestyle. These people need spot reduction in specific body parts, but are not in favour of surgical procedure. However, while coolsculpting can trim down certain regions of the body, it is not a weight loss solution for overweight individuals.

Coolsculpting is the newest non-surgical way to get rid of those annoying bumps of stubborn fat. This innovative slimming method is 100% safe and can accommodate most patients who are seeking for subtle fat-reduction solution. To know more about coolsculpting, set an appointment with a certified cosmetic surgeon.