Suggested Outline:
  1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us your area of expertise?
  2. Who participated in the research in this paper?
  3. Tell us, in short, the main contribution of the research in this paper.
  4. What are the main application areas that can be covered by this research?
  5. What makes the proposed solution innovative compared to other techniques available?
  6. What are the main breakthroughs allowing these results or technology to be developed?
  7. In short, can you explain some technical or scientific details leading to the proposed solution?
  8. What if any specific details should the viewer know about the figures in this paper? Referring to figures to answer previous questions is encouraged as well.
  9. What other scientific work has this provoked?
  10. Can you summarize this work?

Other Suggestions:

Because the suggested video duration is ten minutes or less, we recommend that you only emphasize and highlight the main points of your paper; however, it would be good to discuss any concepts that are particularly difficult to grasp from reading the text.

Remember that video is a different medium than written word. Video is more suitable for communicating the big picture or difficult concepts rather than methodological details.

As you are planning your video, consider that this might be the first time that someone has come across your paper. This is your chance to make an impression and establish a readership for your paper! If you can add something a bit entertaining or novel your video will be remembered and shared.

When you go to upload your video, there are instructions to take you through the process on the upload page.

For recommended video file formats see: /help/view/110

For tips on how to prepare your video for upload see: /help/view/41

Also see our pubcast tutorial video for a step by step visual guide to creating a pubcast.

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