iMovie Tutorial: Saving your movie

  • When you are done editing, go to the File menu and click “Save project” (or press apple-S if you have already named your project)
  • Then go to the File menu and click “Export…”
  • Choose “Quicktime” and select Compress movie for “Expert Settings”; then click “Share”
  • Give your file a name. (It will be changed when we convert and store your file.)
  • On the “Save exported file as…” window, click “Options…”
  • In the “Video” section of the “Movie Settings window”, click “Settings…” and make sure the following parameters are set to these specifications:
    • Compression: H.264
    • Frame rate: 29.97 fps
    • Dimensions: 480 x 360 (you’ll need to select “Custom” in the Size menu)

  • Depending on the final size of your video, you may need to change the audio settings. If you reduce the quality a bit, the file will be smaller. Try decreasing the Sample Rate or Sample Size in the Audio settings to 32 kHz or less and 32 bit or less. The max file size we accept is 100MB.
  • Click “Save”
  • You're ready to upload!

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