Poster presentations are typically created and stored using PowerPoint. You can export your poster from PowerPoint as an image or PDF for uploading them to SciVee or you can use the native PowerPoint file. For the best representation of your poster, we recommend a JPEG image or a PDF.

For your poster to look its best when you upload it to SciVee, we strongly suggest that your poster image size is a minimum of 2400 pixels in width or height with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi. You can set these dimensions in the Page Layout menu in PowerPoint.

Attached below is a template that can be used for printed science conference posters as well as postercasts.

Poster Template

After altering this template with your poster information, you can export it for print, then you can prepare it for use on SciVee. It is important to note that the export format for print is different than what you will need for online upload. If you download this file and look at the settings for export, you will see that they are set up for print:
48 X 36 inches, CMYK color, 300 dpi.

For exporting your poster for use on SciVee, it is recommended that you export the file with the following settings:
2400 pixel minimum width, RGB color, jpg format

Save your poster image file using the suggested height, width and resolution as one of the file types SciVee can accept (pdf, gif, jpg, png and tif). You may also want to verify that the color scheme you are using is for web (RGB) not print (CMYK). Font sizes below 12 point may not appear legible in some cases. Using standard fonts like Verdana, Times New Roman, or Arial will help with the legibility of your poster.

If you are having troubles saving your PowerPoint poster with a high resolution so that the images and text are more clear, check to see if you used the following steps outlined below. If you use Windows, you may need to install this Microsoft add-in to get the option to save as a PDF. If you are using an older version of PowerPoint you may need to export the file in jpeg format.

  • From the main menu choose File > Save As
  • A dialog box will open where you can navigate to the location that you want to save your file (remember where that is on your computer so you can find it later).
  • From the dropdown menu choose "pdf."
  • Click the Options button.
  • A Preferences window will open and under "Advanced Resolution Settings:" you can click the "Size:" radio button and change the size in the first box to width: 2400 (pixels). Note: You can also export your poster as a tif or jpg from this menu; choose 2400 pixels and "best" image quality.
  • Click "Ok" then "Save."

If you use Powerpoint 2007, do the following:

  • Click the design tab on the toolbar
  • Click the page setup button
  • Set your slide size to: Letterhead (8.5x11 in.)
  • Click "Ok"
  • After you change the page size, the elements on your poster may look different. Adjust the font size or positioning if necessary.
  • Convert to PDF

When you upload your poster file, navigate to the place you saved the pdf on your computer and select that file.

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