Currently you can host a science video contest on SciVee by creating a community with sub-groups for categories in your contest. You can add privacy to specific groups created within your community. That means you are able to allow your judges to privately view videos submitted by your contest entrants. Our suggested method for hosting a science video contest on SciVee is listed below.

The following steps will be required to host a video contest with privacy during judging and prior to winner announcement:

  1. The contest organizers create a community page on SciVee using the video contest name. (see help on creating communities if you need directions).

  2. Within that new community, contest organizers create two main groups (see help on creating groups if you need directions) using the following settings:
    1. MyCommunityName Entrants - selecting "moderated - subscription requests must be approved by the community manager"
    2. MyCommunityName Judges - selecting - "closed - subscriptions are fully administered by an administrator"

  3. Contest organizers instruct the entrants to take the following steps:
    1. The entrant creates an individual SciVee account and joins the "MyCommunityName Entrants" group in your video contest community.
    2. The entrant uploads their video privately by making sure to check the “unpublished” check box on the first page of video upload
    3. After the completion of their unpublished video upload, the entrant goes to the “edit” tab that appears on their unpublished video page.
    4. The entrant scrolls down to the section called “Video viewing permissions” and carefully completes both these steps to ensure privacy:
      1. The entrant checks the box “Publish this video”
      2. Under "Only show this video to the members of these communities" the entrant types the judging panel group name ("MyCommunityName Judges" from above). This will allow the members belonging to that group to view the video (contest organizers must designate the community name and make sure the entrants have this information) OR under "Only show this video to these users" enter the SciVee username(s) of the people who are permitted to view this video when logged in (again contest organizers must designate these username(s) and make sure the entrants have this information) - each username must be separated by comma in the listing as instructed on that page.
    5. The entrant sends an internal message to the manager of the judging panel group to notify them of three things: The entrant's SciVee username, the url (on SciVee) containing the entrant's video, and the category the entrant is entering their video if necessary.

  4. The contest organizers review the notifications from entrants by accessing the inbox on SciVee that the entrants have sent their messages. At this point, the contest organizers can verify if it is a valid entry, click on the "community" tab of the video, and from the dropdown menu assign that video to the "MyCommunityName Judges" from above.

  5. The contest organizers can create groups for the contest categories and/or groups for the winning videos. Judging commences and the videos can be assigned to the proper groups, making sure that groups have the "closed - subscriptions are fully administered by an administrator" selected until winners are announced.

  6. After the winners are chosen, the videos can easily be made public by going to the "edit" tab from the each video page and under "Video viewing permissions" take the following steps:
    1. be sure "Publish this video" is selected
    2. delete the usernames and community names under both "Only show this video to these users" or "Only show this video to the members of these communities."

    By taking these two steps, the video will be viewable to the public. If you wish to make the announcement first to the entrants prior to releasing the videos to be viewable by the public, simply add the entrants group name (MyCommunityName Entrants from above) under "Only show this video to the members of these communities."

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