When a member joins your community, they cannot immediately add videos into that community. If you are signed in as the community manager of a particular community, you can assign privileges to other members of your community allowing them to add videos to the community.

You can assign other members of your community privileges by taking these steps:

1) Navigate to your community page.
2) Click on "manage subscribers." (Note: This link will not appear if you are not logged in as the community manager.)
3) From the subscribers page you will see a listing of the people who have joined your community. Find the member you wish to grant administrative privileges to add videos into your community. (Note: If the member you wish to give the management privileges to is not in the list, they need to join your community first.)
4) Click on the "admin: create" link to the right of their username. That subscriber, or community member, will now be able to add videos to your community.

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