Coffee Carts: The New Best Way to Get Your Coffee Fix for Any Event

May 17, 2018

Do you love your coffee but hate having to line up or waiting too long for your favorite energy boost? If so, you might consider hiring a mobile coffee caterer to get the most out of your coffee breaks.

When it comes to coffee, you need not just quality, but also quantity and service – and these are some of the few reasons why you need a coffee catering service for all your needs.

What’s in a Coffee Break?
A great coffee break is one that you can get without having to wait in line for too long to get your cup of mocha, cappuccino, or latte. Instead, the time spent waiting is time spent enjoying the experience of a warm cup of exceptional coffee.

And when you’re sipping a cup of great coffee, you’ll know that there’s no need for sugar or other kinds of artificial sweeteners to get the full, rich taste of freshly roasted and ground coffee beans that you know and love.

Great coffee breaks with a cappuccino serving push cart in Singapore should also be in a light, roomy environment where people can walk around, stretch their legs, and chat. Breaks can also be refreshing with a side helping of dessert, especially if people will be getting hungry and tired during the event.

Why Get a Coffee Cart?
Fast service is key to making sure events go as smoothly as possible, especially if they take a while. And along with fast service comes quality and quantity to ensure that everyone gets an amazing blend – all of which are things a mobile coffee catering service can offer.

Having a coffee cart also spices any gathering, whether it’s public or private. Here are a few events that can surely benefit from having a coffee catering service:

• Conferences – A good coffee break keeps everyone awake and alert, and when access to great coffee is nearby, it also keeps delegates from wandering off too far or waiting too long in line.
For large events with a hundred or more delegates, you may need to hire two baristas to make sure that everyone consistently gets an amazing specialty drink.

• Public Events – It’s always good to attract a crowd with a mobile coffee cart. Because attendees and event organizers will always be on their feet all the time, having a trusted mobile coffee cart not only makes the event better, but it also grabs guests’ attention longer.
It also helps you as an exhibitor to include a coffee push cart along with your exhibition, as it helps build brand awareness with clients by tying quality coffee, and by extension quality services and products, to your brand and logo.

• Gala Dinners – Adding freshly-brewed espresso to any fancy gala dinner automatically gives it an added aura of luxury. Rather than your standard coffee-maker and tea, these energizing beverages when served hot and fresh can truly improve the mood and make any gala dinners something new entirely.

• Weddings – Hiring a coffee push cart isn’t just for public events. In fact, there’s nothing quite like ending a wedding ceremony with great cup of coffee to give your guests a night to remember.

Of course, drinks aren’t the only things coffee carts can offer. When you have guests, delegates, or clientele that are tired and hungry from a long day, coffee catering also provides a sweet side treat to go along with the fresh roast.

When you hire a coffee caterer, you get more than just the cart. You can also choose to rent an automatic coffee machine if you’re looking for some great-tasting blends while not pushing it on your budget.

Renting an automatic coffee machine from the coffee cart of your choice is now easier than ever because of their new self-cleaning feature – all you have to do is top the beans and throw away the grounds once the container is full.

Hiring and Payment Plans
Hiring a coffee cart business for your event is a lot easier when the business itself is flexible enough to meet your requirements. To get started, you will need to provide the following factors before you can get a quote:

• Event duration – The minimum call is one hour, but this can vary depending on the type of business you request from. It also depends on how long you will need the mobile coffee going for the rest of the day, or if you need it for more than one day.

• Number of people or cups – You may need to hire more than one barista if you plan on serving a large amount of people for a public event, gathering, conference, or especially an exposition where you need to draw in a large number of people.

• Location – Most mobile catering services that serve coffee are happy to travel to any location in Singapore as long as the catering service has access to two 13-amp power sockets (normal power outlets used in most households and offices).

If you’re not sure how you can get a quote for the mobile catering, you can usually look up the caterer’s contact details on their website, as well as their types of coffee, the coffee machines they use, etc.

There’s every reason to spice up your public and private gatherings with a mobile coffee caterer. With high-quality beans, top-of-the-line coffee machinery, and amazing expert baristas bringing coffee to your event, a great experience will always be coming with every cup.

What are you waiting for? Contact one today!