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Get to Know the Three Best Districts in Ho Chi Minh City to Invest In

July 03, 2018

Vietnam is known not just for its rich history, vibrant culture, and gorgeous landscapes and tourist attractions – it’s also known these days for its amazing real estate opportunities that more and more foreign investors are getting into.

Here are the three best districts in Ho Chi Minh City for a foreign investor, such as yourself, to invest in premium pieces of real estate, and possibly, a great deal on a piece of property for sale:

District 1

District 1 is considered to be the busiest district and the very center of Ho Chi Minh City, and because this district is the country’s commercial, financial, and business hub, you can see a lot of foreign owned properties located in this district in Vietnam property launch portal. Expect that property values for real estate here can be some of the highest in the whole city, if not all of Vietnam.

You can see a lot of offices and skyscrapers dotting the skyline, with several premium condominium and apartment units close by.

This district is also known for its backpacker area, with hundreds of guesthouses and hostels of different degrees of quality, which is around Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien Street.
Other notable places in this district include the following:

• Nguyen Hue Street (a lively street where locals come out to hang with their friends or grab ice cream and snacks after hours),
• Le Thanh Ton Street (commonly known as “Japan Town” because of the large Japanese community living here), and:
• the Saigon Center in Le Loi Boulevard (recently opened in 2016, complete with all kinds of local and foreign brands, as well as different restaurants)

District 2

Located on the other side of the Saigon River, District 2 also has some of the best international facilities in the whole country, and can be a really desirable place for expats and foreign investors to live and invest in with the number of restaurants, malls, and high-rise tower blocks alongside avenues of street food restaurants and hawker stalls.

The more laid-back atmosphere of Thao Dien is a welcome break from the hectic chaos of being in the downtown areas, and you can head on over to 188 Nguyen Van Huong to find all kinds of live music events, flea markets, and craft beer festivals going on.

Other notable places in D2 include the following:

• Family Garden (a great place for the whole family to get in touch with nature, complete with vegetable patches and flower beds, as well as animals that you can pet);
• BiaCraft Artisan Ales (one of the pioneers who brought craft beer in Vietnam, offering locally produced beers, ciders, and a menu of meaty side dishes and snacks)

District 4

The district’s unique location makes it its own “island”, formed by the Saigon River on one side, and two canals on the other.

It’s because of this that the district is famous for its abundance of fresh seafood and great finds if you’re into fresh seafood cuisine in Vietnam – in fact, many of the country’s fish hauls land on this district first – and it’s also just one boat ride away from the downtown area of District 1, so you’ll never miss out on any of the action.

District 4 also has its own lively nightlife scene, and many expats and tourist often head to this district to get a taste of the delicious local eats that the country has to offer.
Other notable places in District 4 where most of for-sale properties you see at are located include:

• Vinh Kanh Street (this road snakes through the heart of the district and lights up with all kinds of restaurants and eateries that offer almost anything you can imagine, from local seafood to hamburgers);
• The Observatory, located at 5 Nguyen Tat Tan Street (one of the best dance venues the country has to offer if you’re looking to party with live DJ’s well into the early morning)

Now that you have an idea of the different places in the country, you now have the chance to look more into where you want to make your investment of a lifetime. When you do, be sure to contact the developer or landlord and get in touch with them, and see the place firsthand.
What are you waiting for? Invest now!

What to Do Before Renting an Apartment in Saigon

May 11, 2018

Saigon apartment rental can be a daunting task. After all, Saigon is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, and there can be so many rental choices to choose from, all of which have a lot of considerations you have to keep in mind of. How will you choose between all the districts of Ho Chi Minh City? Will you choose to rent apartment in Saigon, or will you opt for a villa rental instead? As HCMC is a huge city, there are many things that you will need to do in order to make sure that your stay is the best that it can be.
Know the Districts

Before anything else, you will need to keep in mind the number of listings that you can expect to see from every district. Most listings to help you rent apartment at HCMC are commonly from four districts, namely Districts 1, 2, 3, and 7. Condominium rental in district 1, D1 for example, wouldn’t have a lot of listings. This is because district 1 is a crowded district, due to its boisterous and lively atmosphere. If you would find a listing here, it may tend to be on the upper limits of your budget. However, if you can afford it, and the vibrancy of the district does not bother you, District 1 can be the perfect spot for you.

If you choose to rent a place in D3, you have quite a number of better options. D2 is a quieter district compared to District 1 and has what is often referred to as suburban atmosphere. It’s a good compromise for people who would like a bit of peace and quiet yet still near shopping malls, tourist spots and important offices in D1. You are sure to find a lot of good options at Saigon condominium rental agency whether you are looking for an affordable apartment or a posh condo unit.

If Districts 1 and 3 aren’t the right place for you, you could always choose to look for an apartment rental in D2. D2 is perfect for families, as it has some of the best international schools in Vietnam. Here you could also find malls, parks, and less congested traffic. You would find a lot of opportunities to rent a house here or find a listing for a villa rental.

Of course, you could also always choose to stay at D7. For a lot of people, D7 can seem like a different world entirely, due to its zoning and planning. Here you would find a lot of high-rise buildings, as well as large spacious parks that are perfect for families or simply to just lounge around in. There are also a lot of malls and cafes in this district. Due to its layout, this district has large roads, relatively quiet neighborhoods, and a lack of traffic congestion, as well as pollution. You may also find a lot of listings to rent a house here in D7 or choose from one of many listings for a villa rental.

Do You Research Early

While knowing the districts is already half the battle, you will also need to brush up on a lot of other things to know about apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. Trying to find good apartments for rent at District 2 and any other districts in Saigon can be challenging but definitely worth the effort. This research may take the form of internet searches, as well as reading up on books and magazines. You could find more in-depth information about how it is to stay in each district by interviewing one of the locals living in Saigon. Perhaps you know a friend of a friend or someone who used to stay there not so far back.

Aside from talking to locals, you can also start to contact agents a week before your move. A good time frame to start contacting agents early is about a week or two before your actual stay begins. This is so that you can get a feel for your apartment, just in case you’re having last-minute concerns about the place. This is also a good way to get to know the neighborhood, and scout out important sports such as the nearest grocery store, convenience store, hospitals and cafes. Plus, you may even get a chance to meet your new neighbors.

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need is an important thing to factor when moving to Vietnam. Just as it is important to understand what your apartment can give you, it is also important to understand what you need from it. Everyone has different needs for their apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. For example, some people couldn’t live without a Wifi connection, while others need to have a quiet neighborhood. For others, having a spacious kitchen or a large bathroom is what is important to them.

A good and systematic way to go about this is listing down all the things that you would need to have in your rental. This can be anything from a close proximity to a mall, or large windows. From that list, choose the top three things that you absolutely cannot live without, and make sure that you’re honest and practical about it. Remember to talk to everyone else who is moving to the apartment with you, and create a compromise about what you would need to prioritize when you rent apartment in Saigon.

Of course, you should also remember that while there are many listings for apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City, you will have to compromise on some things. You may not get all the things that you prioritize on your list, but chances are, you’ll grow to love your place when you rent apartment in HCMC.

Kahuna Ho Tram: Prime Investment Opportunities by the Beach

October 13, 2017

Big waves are set to take Vietnam in terms of real estate. Property investment opportunities have recently opened up, and they’ve never looked better with Kahuna Ho Tram, the newest addition to The Ho Tram Strip. Currently, it holds the title of the largest foreign-invested development in Vietnam, with over US$1.1 billion dollars’ worth in investment.
Having only been unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, Kahuna Ho Tram sits as the hottest growth area in Vietnam, attracting investors looking to invest in condo units far and wide, with so much to offer and more.

The Condotel

The Kahuna Ho Tram condotel is conceptualized and designed by the leading firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Korn Architects. The design resembles a luxury liner about to make its maiden voyage across the open waters, with sleek, nautical lines capturing the essence of the perfect holiday beachfront experience.

This twelve-story beachfront tower has 244 keys divided among 164 condotel units. Of these units, fourteen have their own private Jacuzzis, and eight of them are penthouse units, each with its own indoor pool.

Surrounded by water from both the sea and the resort’s swimming pools, kahuna ho tram resort offers an amazing view of southern Vietnam and the vast field of The Bluffs that owners can wake up to every morning in the comfort of their own prime Vung Tau condo unit in Dur an Ho Tram.


Kahuna Ho Tram boasts of thirty-six double-key and eight beachfront villas, situated in the very heart of the development area with their own pools and private gardens. To add to that, each villa is fully furnished and in good turn-over condition.

The crown jewels are of course the eight single-key beach villas. Every single-key beach villa for sale not only has their own walkway and direct access to the beach, but also comes with maximum security to ensure the privacy of each guest.

Investors looking for a villa beside golf course will surely be delighted, as each beach villa for sale sits not far away from The Bluffs Golf Course, designed by golfer Greg Norman, which made Rank 78 in the world’s Top 100 golf courses.


The Kahuna Ho Tram Strip and Kahuna Ho Tram Resort come with endless amenities for an enjoyable time. Complementing the view are the different restaurants, bistros, and bars lining the strip, making for an endless selection of fine food and drinks to indulge in by the sea.

Recreation and entertainment is never in short supply with Ho Tram, with multiple swimming pools, cinemas, karaoke, mini-golf, and so much more to choose from.

For an even more enjoyable time, guests looking to spend their holidays here can also make their way to the Grand Ho Tram Casino, which now services Vietnam nationals as well as foreigners. The Ho Tram Project currently leads the country in offering an international-level experience for enthusiasts.


First-time and veteran investors of all kinds looking to invest in condo units need not look further than Kahuna Ho Tram. There are several advantages to be gained in investing here, such as a minimum of eight percent guaranteed return within the first two years.
Throughout the ownership of the unit/villa, the net rental revenue is split sixty-forty in favor of the lessee. To achieve a twenty-year extension, the balance of the current lease is 41 years with the company’s resolve.

Another benefit is the ten-year rental pool agreement that applies to both the condotel units and villas, which when coupled with the 21-day-per-year free occupation per annum, means that owners too can fully enjoy the luxurious beachfront experience that Dur an Ho Tram has to offer.