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Estimating Food for Your Bbq Cookout Party

April 18, 2018

Estimating the amount of food to serve for a large barbecue party can be overwhelming. But with simple calculations and generous estimations, you will surely come up with enough food servings good for everybody. It is important to do your own calculations whether or not you’ve hired a bbq catering Singapore provider to do the task. This will give you a clearer idea of how much to budget for your otah and satay party.

Start by assessing individual portion sizes in ounces according on the demographics of your party. For example, if you’ve invited kids, allocate 4 ounces or 1/4 pound of meat per child. If you’re feeding a gang of linebackers, you will need to triple that amount. Once you’ve calculated individual serving sizes, multiply the amount by 50 to come up with a fairly accurate estimation of how much food you will need. However, keep in mind that it’s always better to serve a bit too much than not enough, so be generous with your allocations and bbq catering budget.


Generally, you will need 1/3 to ½ pound of meat for each of your guest, or 15 to 25 pounds of meat. Hotdogs, brats, and hamburgers are the simplest meat to calculate since these meats are packaged and pre-counted. You can order specific amounts of food from Singapore’s bbq catering that come in pre-determined packages. Estimate a single serving of one meat and additional 20 percent of other meats. If you will be serving pulled pork sandwiches, allocate 15 to 20 pounds of pork for each person. The pork can be maximized because it is shredded, however, it may have the tendency to shrink because of its fats. So be flexible with your estimations in order for you not to run short. If you prefer using chicken breasts on sandwiches, budget 25 pounds for every guest.

Side Dishes

In estimating barbecue side dishes in Singapore you can allocate six ounces of it per person, which totals to 300 ounces for a party of 50 guests. This usually breaks down to almost three gallons or 20 pounds of food. You can already have a gallon of pasta or potato salad, another gallon of lettuce salad, and another one of fruit salad. For more selections, add 50 ounces of potato chips, or one ounce per person.


The beverages are very important, especially on a hot season. Allocate a total of 1,600 ounces of lemonade or 32 ounces for every guest. With this amount, you need to secure large containers where your guests can easily help themselves for a drink. But if you hired a Singapore bbq wholesale and catering provider, there’s no need for you to worry about this. Another option is to stock individual bottles and cans of drinks. Fill a large cooler with ice and store your beverages in it to keep cool. If serving beer, estimate two bottles per person. Again, it is always better to estimate more than have less.


What is a party without desserts? For outdoor cookout party, ask your bbq wholesale and catering provider to serve finger foods or easy-to-eat desserts, such as cookie bars, cookies, and brownies. Apart from the fact that they’re easy to eat, they’re easy to portion as well. Estimate two to three pieces of each dessert for every guest. If serving ice cream, order two to three gallons of different flavors for a party of 50 guests.

Every day is a great day in Singapore for cookouts, picnics and other outdoor activities. However, bringing food outside, in warm and humid environment, can impose great risk to food safety. Food airborne bacteria multiply more rapidly at warm temperatures (between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit); therefore, the hot environment outdoors makes the basics of food safety particularly important.

Fortunately, there are so many precautionary methods that Singapore consumers and bbq catering providers can do to ensure food safety during an outdoor otah and satay party. What are these methods? Read on and find out.

1. Always wash your hands before and after handling food
Whether you hired a bbq catering provider like from Singapore or do the catering yourself, always wash your hands when getting in contact with food. This rule seems basic but not everyone executes this. Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, and a few seconds longer if you have just used the toilet. If there’s no available sink or the sink is too far away from the party area, have moist disposable tissues at hand for a more convenient hand cleaning.

2. Separate raw food from cooked food
Never use plates that previously held uncooked meat, seafood, or poultry when serving ready-to-eat items, unless the plates have been washed with hot, soapy water. Always keep surfaces and utensils clean before and after using them.

3. Use marinades properly
A marinade is a savory sauce that bbq wholesale and catering providers use to tenderize and enrich the meats’ flavor. When applying this method, marinated meat should be stored in the fridge and not left on the counter. Poultry and stewed or cubed pieces of meat can be marinated up to two days, while beef, lamb and pork can be marinated up to five days. If you’re planning to use the marinade while cooking the food, reserve a portion of it before putting in the uncooked meat; or boil first the used marinade to kill harmful bacteria before incorporating it with the cooked food.

4. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold
Foods that are intended to be served hot should be kept at or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, should be well-wrapped, and placed in an isolated container; while cold foods should be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below and must be placed directly on racks of ice, or in a deep pan filled with ice. Your bbq wholesale and catering provider should already know this and has the right equipment to ensure stable food temperature.

5. Always keep all cooking utensils and your cooking area clean
Make sure that the cooking and serving area are kept clean all the time. Stock plenty of clean platters and utensils so you can easily get one whenever you need one. To prevent accumulation of foodborne bacteria, never use the same serving apparatuses for cooked and raw items. Buildup of harmful microorganisms in raw poultry and meat extracts can contaminate cooked food.

If your bbq catering party is held outdoors, look for a clean water source. If there’s none, ask your caterer or make an effort to bring plenty of water for food preparation and cleaning. For cleaning surfaces and hands, pack clean damp towels and cloths.

Complete Commercial Kitchen Equipment for a Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food restaurants are popular because customers can enjoy affordable food without having to wait for it to be prepared. In Singapore, you can have your own Fast food restaurant with the right commercial kitchen equipment from your kitchen equipment supplier.

Like any food and beverage business, the kitchen will need the basic tools for preparing food, but one difference of Fast food restaurants from other food businesses is that the preparation must be fast.

Here is a list of the commercial kitchen equipment that a Fast food restaurant in Singapore will need.

• Heavy Duty Range: When choosing a range for cooking a variety of dishes, check your menu and make sure you have an estimate of the volume of food the Fast food restaurant will serve daily. The size and number of ranges will also depend on that estimate. The commercial range can either be gas or electric and must have a vent.

• Wok Range: A wok range from a Singapore commercial kitchen equipment supplier is an essential commercial kitchen equipment for Fast food restaurants that want to serve Chinese food prepared by stir-frying, stewing, braising, deep-frying, searing, poaching, and others.

• Stock Pot Stove: To prepare broth, soup, stew or to cook noodles, pasta, vegetables and others, your Fast food restaurant might need a separate stove for stock pot. Talk to your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore for the different stock pot stove sizes available for commercial use.

• Hotplates: This commercial kitchen equipment is usually a tabletop model that has at least two heating elements called the hot plate. It can be used as a burner to reduce the workload of the commercial range.

• Cheesemelter: This commercial kitchen equipment is used to prepare cheese for toppings on various food, such as pizza.

• Potato Peeler: For Fast food restaurants in Singapore that are planning to serve fries, a potato peeler will make the work easier. There are countertop and floor stand models, as well as chip scuttles if you want to prepare potatoes in other ways as side dish.

• Hamburger Press: This can be used to prepare fresh burger patties. Buy a model from the kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore that is dishwasher safe and easy to operate.

• Refrigerator and Freezer: You might need a different storage, such as freezer from in Singapore, for meat and seafood, while other ingredients can be stored in a reach-in or walk-in refrigerator. A different cooling storage for beverages will also be necessary.

• Broiler or Salamander: A broiler is a special type of grill for meat and seafood. A salamander is also a type of grill, but it uses higher temperature than residential-type grills for overhead grilling.

• Pressure Steamer: This type of commercial kitchen equipment is used to prepare food with steam. Buy a model from the kitchen equipment supplier that has a high capacity.

• Rotisserie Oven: Depending on the Fast food menu, the restaurant might need different types of ovens. A rotisserie oven for example is ideal for cooking meat, such as roasting skewered chicken.

• Convection Oven: This type of oven can cook food faster than the regular commercial oven because the heat blows directly on the food.

• Microwave Oven: A countertop model is necessary for heating food in a few minutes. Look for a commercial microwave oven at your kitchen equipment supplier that is heavy duty and durable.

• Countertop Fryer: Fryers save a lot of time and space when preparing fried food. Look for models with complete features such as oil filtration, automation, and easy temperature control.

• Braising Pan: This commercial kitchen equipment is used for frying, braising, and so much more. This is perfect for Fast food restaurants in Singapore that serve a variety of dishes besides the usual burger and fries.

• Kettle and Mixer: There are commercial units that combine the steam kettle and the mixer for easier food preparation. Find the type that is best suited for the kitchen design, because there are styles that can be tilted while others are stationary.

• Griddle, Charbroiler, and Panini Grill: Most Fast food restaurants serve a variety of grilled food, that is why you should invest in commercial griddles and charbroiler for easier food preparation. The panini grill might be used for preparing buns.

• Pasta Cooker and Pasta Rinse Station: Fast food restaurants could also serve different types of pasta, but to make food faster, your restaurant should invest in commercial pasta cooker and rinser. Any type of pasta can be prepared using this commercial kitchen equipment.

• Food Rethermalizer: This commercial kitchen equipment can be used to heat up frozen goods fast besides its ability to keep cooked food warm and ready to serve anytime. Talk to your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore to look for the right size.

• Cutters and Slicers: Commercial cutters and slicers will make preparation faster. There are slicers and cutters for meat, vegetables, and fruits.

• Mixer: This is an essential commercial kitchen equipment for whisking, stirring, and beating food ingredients. Mixers for pizza dough are also essential for Fast food restaurants that will be serving pizza.

• Rice Cooker: There are commercial rice cookers are more heavy duty than the residential models.

• Bratt Pan: This commercial kitchen equipment is quite versatile and may be used by a Fast food restaurant in Singapore for stewing, braising, steaming, boiling, roasting, poaching, and frying.

• Sushi Equipment: For Fast food restaurants planning to serve sushi, the following equipment are necessary: rice bucket, sushi oke, rice paddle, and rolling mat.

• Cold Storage and Chiller: Food that must be served cold or chilled can be stored temporary in cold storage cabinets or drawers.

• Coffee Brewing Machine: A Fast food restaurant planning to serve coffee must have the following commercial kitchen equipment: coffee grinder, coffee brewer, espresso machine, coffee machine urns, and cold brew or iced coffee dispenser.

• Dishwasher: Commercial dishwashers such as the conveyor and glass washer machines are important in Fast food restaurants that use reusable dinnerware. Make sure the kitchen also has enough cabinets and drawers for the dishes and smallware.

How to Choose a Good BBQ Caterer

November 02, 2017

Finding a good caterer is an important part for holding large-scale events like corporate events, wedding, and even on small affairs like parties and family gatherings. Unfortunately, a standardized grading system for caterers hasn’t been established, and anybody can put up their own catering business. But there’s nothing to worry about, here’s how you can choose the good – if not best – caterer in Singapore that will make your event memorable, for the right reasons.

1. Get and listen to word-of-mouth recommendations and suggestions.

No amount of advertising can equal or replace a good suggestion of someone you know and trust. If your friend or acquaintance recommended an excellent caterer based on the services that were provided for their event, then that caterer might be someone that you should consider making business with. Conversely, it’s also important to heed any bad reviews about a particular bbq catering company.

2. Schedule a food tasting session with the caterer.

If the caterer that you’ve chosen provides meals for large events, then it shouldn’t be a problem to them if you want to schedule a food tasting session. Do remember though that the bbq catering from Singapore food that you’ll be tasting will be the best meals that the caterer can produce. If you’re planning to go for a bbq catering service then it’s important to check on what kind of satay or barbecue they are offering. You should also understand that there’s a huge difference between the qualities of the meal that’s prepared for two persons compared to a meal for 500 people.

3. Put the specialty of the caterer into consideration.

There are some caterers that specialize in handling big events, while there are those that can only cater to small intimate events. The former have the expertise and equipment that can professionally handle large numbers of guests, while the latter can only deal with a limited number of guests or might only offer services like delivering the catered food to your venue. Keep these things in mind and be wary of caterers who claim that they can do all the services that you want.

4. Consider the kind of services you’ll need for the event.

Since you’ve already considered the services that the catering companies can offer, it’s now time to consider the kind of services you’ll need for your affair. Do you need services that only includes food preparation, delivery and set up? Or do you want to be provided with trained staff and support personnel?

To decide on this, consider the kind of event that you’ll be having first. If you’re event will be more of a formal affair that requires plated service then choose a caterer that specializes in handling big events. If you want to be more laidback and go for a barbecue party instead, then that’ll need a different catering service. You could also go online to check and get a rough idea about the services of each catering company in Singapore.

5. Ask for references from previous clients.

Since you’re entrusting a catering company to provide the food for your event, it is important that you ask for some references. Ask the caterer to provide you with the names of their clients as well as referrals of the events that they worked with.

6. Contact the local health department in your area.

Catering companies in Singapore are subject to regulation and licensing by their respective local health department, so there will be records in case there are any complaints or issues about a particular catering company. If the catering service that you’re considering have any reported issues or complaints then we suggest that you get another catering company instead.

7. Ask for the quotation of the services that you’re asking from them.

Asking for the quotation of the catering services should be the first step in hiring a caterer. It’s important to ask for the bottom line price as the charge for getting a wedding catering service is different from a bbq catering service. But be cautious when your caterer drops the price of their services as it could mean a drop in the quality of food and service as well.