Why Alkaline Water Can be Good for Your Family

September 06, 2018

Alkaline water has been making waves among health and wellness enthusiasts because of the number of benefits people can get from drinking it regularly. Despite some doubts about its effectivity, there are countless testimonies from people who experienced its benefits firsthand, including a few well-known celebrities who made it a part of their diet.

Can your family in Singapore also enjoy the benefits of alkaline water? Here are the reasons why you need to try alkaline water.

Alkaline Water has a Higher pH

If you recall from your chemistry class, pH stands for the number of hydrogen ions in a substance such as water. It measures the alkalinity or the acidity of the substance, with zero being highly acidic and 14 as alkaline. Regular drinking water has a neutral pH of 7. So, if you are wondering how to make alkali water and increase its pH level, it is simply by running the water through an alkaline water ionizer, which you can buy from a reseller Here in Singapore. Once it has passed through the water filter, it will now contain pH level of 8 or 9, which is considered a healthier level of pH than in tap water.

Alkaline Water Gives Better Hydration

Unlike medications, there is nothing wrong with drinking processed water; in fact, water can help keep your body hydrated. Alkaline water, however, has been shown to improve hydration better than drinking regular drinking water, because research showed that there was more alkaline in the blood and urine of people who drank alkaline water.

Alkaline Water Can Help Soothe Acid Reflux

One of the benefits of drinking alkaline water is its ability to help reduce instances of acid reflux due to high levels of acid in the stomach and from the food you eat. Ideally, you would need alkaline water with a pH of 8 to neutralize the acids in your tummy. As a result, your stomach can break down food more easily and increase the ability to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food you eat.

Although the body already does a good job of regulating the alkalinity and acidity of the blood, stomach, and the byproducts of the food and drinks you take into your system, there are still factors that will help your body keep the pH of your blood within a healthy range.

Alkaline Water has Antioxidants

More accurately, alkaline water can help your metabolism and energy distribution because it has antioxidant properties or anti-disease and anti-aging properties that rejuvenates the skin, cleanses the colon, supports the immune system, and lubricates the joints and muscles. You will feel younger and healthier just by drinking alkaline water, because it frees your bodies from harmful free radicals.

Alkaline Water Improves Blood Pressure

Alkaline water can improve blood circulation because you’re more hydrated and it contains minerals such as sodium that will help in the distribution of oxygen in the different organs. Better circulation not just promotes cell growth, but you will also feel healthier overall. The sodium in the alkaline water specifically, can help control the blood pressure if you’re on a low-sodium diet.

Alkaline Water Makes Bones Stronger

Although further studies still need to be done, the evidence is promising when it comes to alkaline water’s effect on the bones. Some researchers claim that the higher the level of acid in the body, the more likely it is for the bones to weaken over time.

This corresponds to studies about people who consume food with more potassium than those with higher acid diet load. The former had stronger bones and were less likely to develop osteoporosis. These suggest that alkaline water can possibly increase the markers of bone health among families who drink it regularly.

Alkaline Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Alkaline water has been shown to help people lose weight or maintain an ideal weight, because the fat cells that the body needs for protection are no longer needed. This comes from the theory that claims the body needs fat cells to regulate or defend itself from acid.

This claim needs more proof, however, but the results in some tests are promising. It’s also not that difficult to figure out the role of water when it comes to losing weight, because the body needs to stay hydrated all the time to reduce the tendency to feel hunger.

Alkaline Water Side Effects are Mild

Like any food, drink, and medicine, alkaline water also has side effects. If you or one of your family members is taking medication regularly, do not forget to consult your doctor in Singapore before purchasing an alkaline water ionizer for your home. Alkaline water is considered generally safe, but doctors caution the public not to substitute it for drinking water.

Just like having an acidic stomach could be harmful to you, the high pH from alkaline water could also cause some problems. Always check the labels on the bottled alkaline water and purchase only the best alkaline water ionizer that you can find in Singapore.

Alkaline Water Sources

Alkalinized water using the alkaline water ioniser machine is not the only source for alkaline water. You could also change regular drinking water from the tap using water filter, water additives, and faucet attachments. There are also bottled alkaline water sold at stores in Singapore perfect for those who are training as athletes, because it contains all the necessary minerals to replenish lost nutrients.

Alkaline water is also not that different from natural mineral water because their sources are identical. Alkaline water, however, can come from two sources; electrolysis or ionization and adding minerals and alkaline ingredients. The former can be done using the alkaline water ionizer which separates the constituents of water into alkaline and acidic elements. Adding minerals to distilled water can be done using lime, lemon, baking soda, pH drops, and others.