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Marie Roch
San Diego, CA
Research Interests:
San Diego State University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
About mroch:
Professor Marie A. Roch received her Ph.D. degree from The University of Iowa. Prior to joining San Diego State University, she held positions at Florida International University and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Professor Roch's research interests are in pattern recognition, particularly as applied to the categorization of audio signals. Sample projects include pattern recognition for bioacoustics using passive remote acoustic sensors, classifier control systems for hearing aids, diarization, and high level speaker recognition.

Other areas of interest which are not active research areas for Professor Roch include computer vision and telephony.
1. M. S. Soldevilla, M. A. Roch, E. E. Henderson, G. S. Campbell, S. M. Wiggins, and J. A. Hildebrand, "Classification of Risso’s and Pacific white-sided dolphins using spectral properties of echolocation clicks," in press, J. Acoust. Soc. Am.
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12. M. A. Roch, “A Gaussian-selection based preclassifier for speaker recognition,” in Proceedings of the Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics of The Acoustical Society of America and The Mexican Institute of Acoustics, December 2002, CD-ROM.
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14. M. A. Roch, A. E. Rosenberg, and F. K. Soong, “The use of pitch contour information to improve text-dependent speaker verification performance,” Tech. Mem. BL011526-951228-18TM, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, December 1995.
History of Education and Employment
San Diego State University 2001-present
Scripps Institution of Oceanography 2007-present
Florida International University 2000-2001
Bell Telephone Laboratories 1987-1995
PhD University of Iowa

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