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I-CAMP 2012 Summer School on Renewable and Sustainable Energy July 16 - August 11, 2012, Boulder, CO, United States
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About icamp2012school:
The 2012 I-CAMP school in Boulder will focus on solar energy harvesting. As a nearly one month long school, it will comprehensively address new and emerging science and technology in the fields of photovoltaics and solar fuels. It will also closely integrate discussions of science and technology with issues of deployment and implementation of renewable energy in society. It will provide both a rich environment for students to delve into these interdisciplinary topics and a synergistic forum for leading researchers to interact in an in-depth and productive way. The workshop lectures will be held in an interactive style that encourages the synthesis of ideas by the students. Techniques of active learning and peer instruction will be utilized to maximize participation in all discussions.